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Is that good or bad?

Well I'm feeling much better then I did.

We've done a Star Wars blu ray run this week. Yay! Also watched the deleted scenes which are interesting. The original cantina cut had two people with British accents! Which was amusing. But yeah, awesome times! And the new Yoda in Episode I looks awesome.

I finished watching Bleach, which means the bount arc is over now. I'll have to wait to order in series 6 to continue it. I've watched the first movie though which was interesting. I liked the end.

Doctor Who this week was awesome! The lady in the shop (I think her name is Val) was fantastic. Seriously. And 11/Craig! So much of it! Most from her.

And of course there's the led up to next week. Silence appearing! And River and Kovarian and next week's looks awesome!

Now onto other things.

Mum's being annoying as usual about Morgan coming again. Ugh. Ah well.

Stupid Job Centre signed my Open University forms wrong so instead of starting my course in October I start in January. It's so fucking annoying.

That's all really. I think. I'm sure (again) that I forgot to say something.
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