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Children Of The Night

Children Of The Night
Pairing: Jay James/Matt Tuck
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 13: Blood Play
Warnings: Vampirism
Notes: This is a sequel to this. I'm pondering making this into a series of sorts, if I get the ideas (I already have some).

"I'm not going to lie to you. We don't know everything. I doubt anyone does. But here's the basics of what we know. We live indefinitely and don't age. We can eat and drink whatever humans can but we do need blood. We can't exist without it. Sunlight burns us, but it doesn't do any real damage unless there's prolonged exposure."

"We certainly don't fucking sparkle!" Mikey snarled, his fangs showing.

Gerard nodded, but continued anyway. "Fire can kill us, but only if the flames consume our whole bodies. Religious icons do fuck all to us. The whole crucifix and holy water thing is just shit made up by morons."

"Remember that priest in Prague, that was fun." Mikey laughed, smirking at the memory that had returned to him. "He tried throwing so much of his water at us like it'd fucking melt us or some shit."

Gerard flashed a grin at him and licked his lips lightly, clearly remembering. "Garlic doesn't bother us. We can't turn into bats or mist or any other shit like that. We can sleep wherever the fuck we please. We don't need to be invited in. We do have certain enhanced abilities but the nature of those seems to vary between individuals. I dunno if wooden stakes through the heart can kill us, no one's gotten close enough to try."

He paused, clearly thinking if he'd missed anything else. "We can make people do as we want as you experienced last night. Remember I asked you not to ask questions and then you couldn't even though I'm sure you wanted to. We think it's like a hypnotic suggestion kinda deal but we're not sure." He paused and nodded slightly. "Have I missed anything Mikey?"

"We don't serve satan, never seen a werewolf or a ghostbut I reckon they exist. We've got reflections." Mikey shrugged and blew out a cloud of smoke from between his lips, apparently finished.

"I think that covers everything, unless you have any questions?"

"How is he smoking?" I nodded to Mikey, who was sprawled over a chair, head hanging off the arm rest.

Gerard shrugged. "I don't know everything remember. Think of it this way, did you know, as a human, how your opitc nerve worked? How your brain controlled your breathing? How your digestive system worked?" He shrugged again, eyes on mine. "Same fucking difference."

"Remember, forever is a very long time. Get a hobbie."


I sat in my usual haunt, this time keeping to the shadows. It was my third time here since the change. I'd spent the previous times watching, observing. I processed who went in and out, who came and left alone, who always left with someone to fuck. Some were familiar, others were not. Deep down I knew what I was doing, choosing someone to claim.

"Make your first count. You only get one."

I could feel it deep down inside me. This strange new hunger. It was persistant and nothing seemed to sate or dull it. It was something I needed to satisfy and I knew there was only one way of doing it.

So what was taking me so long? Was it really that hard to select someone? It had never been this hard picking someone to fuck. Then again this was much different than a simple fuck.

"Make it someone you'll want to remember forever. You will anyway, so you may as well make it worth it."

Perhaps I was just being too picky, too selective. I looked around for someone that would qualify as a face worth remembering. Someone beautiful. Sure there were many attractive men but most of them weren't enough. My eyes darted around and, eventually I narrowed it down to three.

The first was sat at the corner of the bar, dressed in black. His jet black hair stuck to his face. He was chubby, but in a sexy way. Currently he was alone, just drinking his beer and not even looking around.

The second was further down the bar, still alone. He had dark hair that hung past his shoulders and tattoos on visible on both arms. He was slim, unlike the first, with slightly muscular arms.

The last was keeping out of the way, looking completely uncomfortable with being here. He too was slim, with hair the shortest of the three. He also wore the most clothing, with hardly any of his skin showing, almost like he was frightened of attracting anyone's attention. I very nearly chose him but I thought twice after realising he was most likely not here alone. After all, he didn't look like he'd be one to come here by choice.

So I went for the second one. I got up out my seat and walked over to him, flashing a smile at him. "Hey." He gave me a nod of acknowledgement, finishing off the last of his drink. Time to see if I could get these new powers to work. "How about you come back with me?" He looked in my eyes and nodded after a few moments. "Good, then come with me."

I led him out to the car and drove into the night.


After he started asking questions I got him to be quiet just like Gerard had done with me. He certainly was a talker and I had a feeing he could talk for Wales if I'd let him. I'd found out his name was Matt and that he was about the same age as me. He'd live here his whole life and, well it was after he'd told me that that I got him to shut up.

I pulled up at my new home. The house I now shared with Gerard and Mikey.

"You're our responsibility. We can't very well turn you out onto the street. Without even basic knowledge."

I got out of the car and opened his door, pulling him out by his arm. "Come on." He looked around as I led him inside, seemingly thinking the same things I did when I first came here. I considered taking him down to the dungeon, but I didn't feel ready for that. Another time. Instead I led him up, up into the bedroom I'd claimed as my own. It had a large bed and the wardrobes and drawers were filled with things from my former home and former life.

I pushed him against the door once it was closed and kissed him hard, running my hands over his body. He got into it after a few moments, his hands pressing against me, shifting over me. "Clothes off." I whispered against his lips. "Now."

I stepped back and watched him, licking my lips as he undressed. He was attractive, but not my usual type. Not masculine, not with a large cock. I smiled anyway, leaning in and kissing along the curve of his neck before undressing myself. His eyes widened a little at the sight of me naked, though I wasn't quite sure why.

I did know, however, that since I'd kissed his neck the new hunger had grown. It felt much more intense now, more then a hunger. It was like a thirst. Like a deep-seated lust. Like the need for air after being choked. I swallowed, resisted the urge just to tear him apart now and kissed him again. My hands trailed down his back, towards his arse and I pushed my fingers along the crack. I seeked his hole out with my fingertips, pressing two fingers into him. Two would do.

He groaned and pushed his lips forward, our lips still locked together. I felt our dicks touch, both of us hot and hard and needy. Our lips parted and I quickly removed my fingers before I turned him around. I gave him enough time to brace himself before pushing in, a groan leaving my lips as I filled him. Sounds of pleasure left his own lips as I began to fuck him. It had been awhile since I'd fucked a guy, and it felt much more intense then I remembered it being.

I pressed my lips against his neck, feeling his pulse throb. It was the need making it so clear, more clear then before. Each passing second it seemed to become more and more noticeable. I parted my lips, extended my fangs and sank them into his neck, tasting his blood.

I'd tasted blood before, but it had never tasted like this. It didn't taste that strange metallic taste I was used to. It was more like... I wasn't even sure how to describe it. I drank it down, losing myself in it. I kept fucking him, but that was more like me going through the motions. My focus was completely on his taste as I drank him down. He made little whimpering noises and I was sure he was asking me to stop. I ignored him and held onto him, drinking more and more of him down.

"The first time the hunger takes over you can't stop it. Not until you drain them dry."

I groaned against his neck and thrust harshly into him, feeling my orgasm draw near. "Stop..." I dug my nails into him, pulling back only so I could sink my fangs into the other side of his throat. "Please..." I ignored him, savoring the taste of him instead, slamming hard into him.

Soon he stopped the pitiful pleas and became limp but I didn't stop. Even when I came I didn't stop. Only when I was certain he was drained dry did I pull back, letting go of him. He fell to the floor the second I did so, falling to the flood with a thud. I stood there panting softly, feeling his blood stain my lips and chin. The hunger deep down had been sated for now and I'd never felt this good in my whole life.

I looked down at Matt's body, wondering what exactly I should do with it. I shrugged it off in moments and stepped over it instead. The others would know what to do. Right now though I just didn't give a fuck. I licked the blood from my lips and left the room, eager to find something to do with the new energy I felt.


"So you've made your first kill. Congratulations." Gerard flashed me that grin of his which was apparently sincere. Mikey also gave me a nod and small smile, which was the best I could expect from him. "Now I'm sure you're wondering what to do with the body. Well the answer is whatever feels right to you. There's no set protocol on this and every vampire seems to have a different way of dealing with it."

He paused for a moment before continuing. "I've known vampires that keep the corpses, stuffing them like people do with animals they've killed. I've known ones that grind the bodies up and use them as fertilliser. A few mangle the bodies and let them be found. Some do just bury them but most find a use for them somehow. Personally we do what the Native Americans did."

"What do you mean?"

"When the white men came to America they killed the bison. But they hardly used any of it, so much went to waste. The Indians, on the other hand made use of pretty much every part that they could. The skin, the bones, the horns. That's what we do." He paused, but didn't elaborate further. "However, what you do is your choice. But you have to decide in a day or two before he starts to stink up the place."

I nodded and considered what they said. "What exactly do you mean by 'use every part'?"

"You'll see."
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, gerard way, jay james, jay james/matt tuck, matt tuck, slash, vampireverse
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