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Realisations and poking with sticks

So a few hours ago I realised that yesterday was a month till my birthday so this is the begging post for fic (or art/manips). There's also an aside of I'm-sick-so-do-me-fic-now-to-cheer-me-up going on.

Now if you write expect me to poke you and trust me I will. Because damnit I want some fic and I'm going to get it. So yeah, you may as well just do it anyway else I will hunt you down and persuade you. Nicely. I promise not to cough on you much.

Anyway. I think a month is enough time to do something. So you know. Get on it.

As to what I'd want? Well here's a general list of people I'd want:
*Jay James
*Ray Toro
*The Ways
*Ilan Rubin
*Ashley Purdy
*Andy Six
*Bob Bryar
*Adam Lambert

I've probably missed someone obvious. (But I am sick so fuck that.) I may add people if I recall them.

So yeah. If you're doing something say so I don't have to poke you.

I'm waddling off now to finish off that vamp fic. Then I'll sharpen my poking stick.
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