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I admire your courage. I'd like to admire it from afar

A quick list of things since the last post (bullet points cause... well):
*I've gotten a real bad cold and I'm all icky and overheated and lost my voice for a bit earlier. Ugh.
*I'm back home now.
*We watched Suicide Club. Strange film, but good
*We watched the newest Pokemon film and you know what? It was better then I expected. Zorua's laugh is so cute.
*We watched some Bleach to. Yay Bleach < 3
*And Clone Wars which is awesome causa Kit
*The new Innistrad cards are awesome! So many vampires
*Started the Star Wars blu ray run last night. The new Episode I Yoda looks awesome.
*Doing the next vamp fic. I may do a few of em

I likely had something else to post but I've no idea now. Boo sickness.
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