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London bridge is falling down...

Damnit Black Butler for keeping that song in my head.

Star Wars came Monday yay! You should've seen the look of glee I gave the postman when he turned up with it

So I got here ok on Monday. The trip waas ok and I spent the main journey noting ideas for the next vamp fic. And making a start to it. I've done a few bits but can't really do too much more till I've settled on a pairing for it.

Kit is adorable and so cute wth his swimming and general adorableness.

Tuesday we went to Tunbridge Wells. Which ended up not being so great. The main point in going so soon after I came was to sort out my tattoo, but the place there was £10 more then the place at home (and thus, £10 more then I had on me). I considered doing it, but I'm stubbon and didn't wanna pay too much for it. I then was gonna go for getting it done at home, but it looks like I'm gonna have to get it done there anyway making the trip next time full of long days which is why I wanted it it done now to avoid all that in the first place.

There were cute kittens though.

Wednesday was all a bit ehish. But I saw deer and perved on Andy in blood. Oh and cupcakes.

Thursday was te best day.

We went to see Attack! Attack! but we ended up going to The Blackout Pulp signing. We didn't have tickets so we went in hopes of wristbands at the door. Surprisingly there was so we managed to get in. The performance was only three songs with their random Welsh comedy in between. As we were so late we got a bad view so.

But they remembered us. Well Snoz did cause he's awesome like that. And Gavin marveled at my 3DS and waved it in Sean's face after posing for a picture.

Then after sushi which was nommy but the voucher we had wasn't 'accepted' ugh, we ended up going to the gig.

Even though we got there a bit late the place was pretty much empty which was odd. It did mean we had a scarily close view though. The support acts were ok. Destine was probbably the best though I think three supports is a bit overkill.

They came on and played an awesome show. They played Honesty which is the song I most love and then Sean came on for the last song.

After the show we ended up having a chat with Matthew and he was so adorable and cute. And kept us there as we kept going to go.

And I finished the first Zelda game on the way there which is a fucking bitch.

Today we watched Insidious which was pretty good. Although curse ye for ending like that!

Plus we went back to Wells which was a little pointless but eh. Least I got the NGamer with the massive Zelda poster. And saw more kitties!

Off now.
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