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I hope this new plan doesn’t involve a flamethrower

So today's been pretty busy.

I decided to go to the Magic thing in Wolverhampton today. Well, I say decided. It was more being shoved cause mum wanted a replacement phone cause ours has been acting up.

Anyway I'm glad I did go cause I went to it and it was pretty fun. Yes I was unsure and almost didn't do it, mostly due to a lack of self confidence and crushing shyness. But I did and the giys I played against were nice even though I was new. The first free booster I got had an awesome mythic rare too so it was worth it for that (especially seeing the faces of thse that I played against as I played it :P).

I may go again at some point.

Alos I got a large Innistrad promo which is pretty cool. And a DCI card which means I'm registered and stuff. So when I go next time I can get some more free cards. Yay!

I got two Who books from The Works after and a Star Wars graphic novel about Jabiim (which I recall reading about and I've been curious about it).

So yeah, productive day.

Yesterday, after the shopping came, we went nad got a replacement stck insect. He's all cute and energetic. And so cute.

I've been also watching two animes: Devil May Cry and Black Butler, of which I'll give basic reviews of now.

Devil May Cry: I went into it not knowing anything about the actual game series. Dante is hot and he has this very odd strawberry sundae fetish that gives me images. I do feel that the series was far too sort though. They could easily have done more or a second one but they've not. Boo. It was a pretty good concept too.

Black Butler: Also I went into this clueless (clueless of the manga this time). Unlike Devil May Cry I only had the first half of the first series, not the whole thing. Now one of the main things about this is (unlike most anime) it's set here in the uk in the Victorian era. Which leads to some of the accents grating. One of the servents is a shrill sort of... cockney I think that set mmy teeth on edge when I first heard it. My main reason for watching was that the main character, Ciel, has the last name Phantomhive... which just makes me think of my username. But he and Sebastian... they so have a deeper relationship. (Even a reviewer in SFX magaine commented on that, so you know it's obvious.) It's a pretty awesome show though, with plenty of strangeness and pretty boys and useless servents.

Doctor Who was on tonight. I dunno though. It just... wasn't a great episode. Good concept and Rory was great but... I dunno. It seemed wrong. Most likely it wasn't helped by the Doctor being... overly cruel to the older Amy. I dunno.

Then we watched the last episode of Torchwood. Which I'll say no more about.

I will say I want more Torchwood, but a return to the older format. Mostly because, seriously how many major worldwide events can the world take? Early Torchwood was compared to The X-Files which I think was a great system. The X-Files had an over-reaching arc, but only about 20% of the episodes (tops) were relevent to it. So... yeah. I'd love for it to be like that. Do it Russell. DO IT!

My Star Wars blu-ray is on it's way but didn't come today did it? Ugh. It'll come Monday as I'm leaving I'll bet.

Tomorrow packing and maybe ficcing.

Speaking of fic, everyone should go here for some awesome Welsh porn fic.
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