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Vampires Will Always Hurt You

Vampires Will Always Hurt You
Pairing: Gerard Way/Jay James/Mikey Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 12: Fear Play
Warnings: Vampirism, bondage, torture
Notes: So I had this all typed up (well about halfway) but then the computer fucked up so I've had to redo it. But it's turned out ok. There should be a folow up at some point.

I sat in my usual bar, looking over tonight's prospects. I came here for two reasons: it had the best beer in town and the best guys to hook up with. As of yet, however, tonight's options seemed limited so far. I sighed and turned back to the bar, taking a long drink from my beer.

All I wanted was a guy that could give me a sore arse or make my jaw ache, maybe both. I was easily pleased when it came to it, but all of the guys I'd seen as of yet were snapped up before I could move into action.

I turned back around and looked over the bar again, checking all the areas I'd not looked so far. Corner boothes and back tables, most of which were obscured by the masses in between. It was in one of those corner boothes that I saw someone who caught my eye. He had bright red hair tht hung down to his shoulders and he looked pretty attractive. He wasn't alone though. He had a skinny blonde next to him, though it wasn't clear if they were together or just friends. Either way, he wasn't bad looking either so a threesome wouldn't be so bad.

So I quickly downed the rest of my drink and made my way ofer to them before I lost out again. "Can I offer you a drink?" I asked as soon as I stood before them, the words coming out as a tumble.

They regarded me for a few moments with dark eyes before glancing at one another and smirking. "Sure. Come with us." The red head spoke as they both stood. His accent was strange, a mixture of American and Welsh. I nodded slightly and followed them as they led me out. Usually I'd have at least one drink with a guy before leaving but he was different.

"What's your name?" He asked, once we were out of the bar.

"Jay. And you?"

He nodded and licked his lips lightly. "I'm Gerard, this is Mikey." He paused and leaned in close to me, his lips ghosting over my neck. "But no more questions."

I found myself nodding as Mikey opened their car, which was black with plush leather seats. I was no car expert, but it was certainly not cheap. I climbed in the back while they got in the front and we sat in silence as we started up. It was strange. Usually I'd ask questions just to make small talk, but for some reason I just couldn't manage it.


We stopped at a set of gates outside of town on the outskirts of the woods. Mikey keyed in an entrance code, then the gates creaked open and we drove beyond. Their house looked big, bigger then average, though it wasn't like a mansion or anything. They pulled up the car and got out, opening the back door for me to get out as well. Gerard opened the door to the house and turned to face me. "Follow me." He lead us inside, with Mikey taking up the rear.

I almost gasped at the sight of the entrance hall. The walls had various paintings on them and every flat surface had various types of other forms of art. There didn't seem to be a preferred style or subject among them, at least not one I could make out anyway.

Gerard led me down a corridor, deeper into the house. We didn't stop at the room which I assumed was the livng room, due to the tv and sofas present within from the brief glimpse I caught of it. Nor did we turn up the opulant staircase towards where the bedrooms were surely located. Instead he stopped at a door that was fairly non-descript. "Here we are."

He opened the door and stepped in, flicking on lights before letting me follow. Beyond there was a stone staircase leading down, a complete contrast to the other one. I shivered slightly as I walked down into the large basement. It was at least half the size of the groundfloor plan of the house. There were chains on the walls, floors and hanging from the ceiling. There were two beds, cupboards of various sies, something that looked like a form of medical table and even some things that wouldn't look out of place in a medieval dungeon. I swallowed, not sure if I should be turned on or terrified but I followed him anyway.

"I think yu should take your clothes off." Gerard spoke when he finally stopped moving. "Now."

I nodded and, despite our surroundings, I pulled off my clothing. I shivered when I removed my top, then undid my fies and started pushing my jeans down too. I stepped out of my jeans then knealt down, pulling off my shoes and underwear so I was fully naked before them.

I felt ike a piece of meat as the pair walked around me, looking me over and running their hands over my body. Their touches made me shiver, somehow even more than the cold of the basement. "Would do you think?"

"Yeah, he'll do." Mikey spoke for the first time, his accent similar to Gerard's.

The hands on me lifted my arms up, securing them by the wrists to a chain from the ceiling. My dick twitched though I had to admit I was a little scared. Chained in a basement in the midde of nowhere with two men I'd only just met... what was I think.

"Tell me Jay." Gerard spoke as he sipped someone over my eyes, my vision going dark as he secured it behind my head. "When was the last time you were fucked?"

"Last week." I replied, finding my voice again. It was strange, almost like I'd spoke without thinking. One hand moved down my back, down between the crack of my ass, the digits finding and circling my opening. I let out a low groan as two of them pushed deep into me, my hips jerking forward.

"Good." Gerard purred, his voice near. "Then you'll have no problem taking us."

I shivered slightly, the fingers working their way in and out a few times before retreating outright. I heard clothing fall away and then hard fesh press inside me. I groaned again, the large dick giving me all I'd wanted tonight. The stretch and burn as it entered me, the feeling of fullness as his balls pressed flush against my cheeks. Sure, I'd have liked to be in a position where the other could fuck my face, but I wasn't complaining.

Whoever it was started fucking me hard, not giving me time to get used to them, but that was ok. It was what I wanted. Moans left my lips whenever he slammed in, the blunt head of his cock catching my spot every so often. Hands gripped my hips, his fingers digging into my skin so hard that they'd probably bruise.

"Tell me something Jay." Gerard whispered, voice calm and measured. "Have you ever had a brush with death?"

I let out a groan and squirmed before answering. "No..."

"Pity. I think people learn a lot about themselves when they come close to death." I squirmed, feeling his lips press down my body. Mikey didn't stop fucking me, not for a second and the combination of them made me groan all the more. Gerard's lips edged down to my thighs, his tongue tracing along my hip. His teeth grazed against my skin. I expected him to inch over to my cock but instead he bit at my thigh more. I guessed he had a fetish or something, which didn't really bother me. After all I was getting a good, hard fucking so I was more than happy for them to do whtever the fuck they wanted.

I felt Mikey's lips press against my neck, making me groan a little. Ok, so they both had a biting fetish, maybe that was what drew them together. I wondered exactly how much of me they intended to bite when I felt a sharp pain both in my thigh and neck. Now I'd been bitten before but I'd never felt something like that. The pain subsided a little but they'd definitely drawn blood. They didn't seem too bothered by that, indeed it felt like they were drinking it down. I groaned low in my throat, tipping my head back against Mikey as I came over Gerard.

I wasn't sure if Mikey came, but he pulled out of me and let go of my neck just as Gerard moved back to. I panted heavily, wishing I could see them. I could hear them moving around, though I coudn't tell who was where.

That was until I felt a body against my back and felt a hard dick press against my crack. Gerard. "Tell me." He spoke as he thrust into me, his larger dick filling me up. "Do you believe in monsters?"


"Yeah." I felt him whisper against me. I shrugged, not sure how to answer. "We're monsters." I blinked behind the blindfold, not quite sure how to react to that. I felt a blade against my throat and I stilled myself, afraid to move even a little. "I could kill you. Right here, right now. You wouldn't be the first and you certainly won't be the last." I felt myself start to sweat at his words. Was he being serious or just bluffing? Logically him being serious made a lot of sense. I was restrained in the basement of a house in the middle of nowhere, at the mercy of these two men, one of which held a knife to my throat. Definitely serious.

He started to fuck me steadily, his lips close to my ear. "Should we kill you Jay? We could rip you apart, make you suffer for days." His tongue snaked out across my earlobe and I repressed a shiver. "We've done it you know. So many screams have filled this room and rooms like it." I swallowed, my adam's apple bobbing against the blade. I half expected him to keep going, to talk more about those he'd made scream, but instead he sank his teeth into my neck, the other side tht Mikey had and bit into me.

This time I noticed hat it wasn't an ordinary bite. The sharp pain I'd felt earlier was from fangs, fangs sinking into my skin and drawing blood. He thrust into me harder at the taste, practically groaning into my skin.

I heard Mikey chuckle from somewhere, somewhere close. "Yeah. We are what you think." And with that he sank his fangs into my stomach. Vampires. They had to be, I mean he just admitted as much. I wanted to pleaded and scream and beg, but nothing came out. I just... didn't know what to do. I mean, it's not as if there was anything I could do. No one would hear me and there was no point in ashing out. I was fucked no matter what I did.

I felt Gerard cum inside me, his lips leaving my wound so a moan could escape them. "Mmmm what do you think Mikey?" He asked and I felt his dick slip from me. "What should we do with this fucking slut?" I felt the blade press against me again. "Should we give him the choice?"

"Yeah. I think we should."

"Alright then." Gerard leaned in and purred against my ear. "You have a choice. Either we kill you horribly. Or the alternative. Which is it?"

I thought for all of five seconds before answering. "The alternative. Please."

"Alright. Open your mouth." I did so without hesitating, unsure what to expect. I felt skin against my mouth and blood dripping on my tongue. From the angle I guessed it was Mikey. "Drink." I did, not really having much choice. Gerard reattached himself to my throat, drinking down more of my blood until I started to feel dazed.

I guessed I lasted five minutes before passing out.


I sat in the bar, in the same spot I had that fateful night. I felt different now of course. Stronger. Faster. More alive. I drank my beer and it tasted different, better. I cast my eyes over my surroundings, over the men that filled the chairs and the dancefloor. I could hear them. I could feel them. I licked my lips and downed more beer.


Tonight wasn't the night to take one to my new home, even though I wanted to. Soon though. But not tonight.

Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, gerard way, gerard way/jay james, jay james, jay james/mikey way, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash, vampireverse
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