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Run as fast as you can

So this weekend was pretty awesome because Morgan was here! Yay!

We ended up watching lots of stuff. Sarah Jane, Torchwood, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Donnie Darko, Nightmare Before Christmas. All kinds of awesome.

It was strange rewatching all of Miracle Day and picking up on bits that would've been dismissed or not noticed first viewing. lso I've seen this weeks nd I fee so bad for seeing it early becuse I said I wouldn't, but I'll be watching the laast one early to see it with mum so...

Also strange is tht I'm so comfortble with rewtching it but I've never seen Children Of Earth even once after it was on tv cause I know I'd get sad again.

Another amusing thing is how they keep saying that Torchwood doesn't exist... yet in (at least) three different post-Miracle Day Doctor Who time periods, Torchwood is mentioned as still existing and operational. So clearly Torchwood isn't over s n orgnisation (nd whtever hppened to Torchwood 3 and 4 huh?) My bet is future series will be set with the Torchwood tht went missing and going from there.

I'm keen for Torchwood to return to it's older format rther then one long story. It's a good idea in small doses, but doing it each season will wear thin.


We also got to watch a Doctor Who episode together! Yay! It was a good episode. Not the best but still pretty good. I've still gotta watch it with mum so.

But yeah, great fun was had. We went walking and everything.

My forms finally came so we posted them off Saturday.

It was an awesome time, though we missed the train like fails.

Sadly one of my stick insects seems to have died. I've given him time just to be sure he's not faking but... yeah. :( I need to go nd get a replacement at some point.

Off now to fic and find some notes I did on the course about another fic.
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