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So since my last post two big things happened.

First aerogroupie turned up on Sunday unexpectedly. Yay! It was awesome to finally meet her but obviously unexpected. Plus early train on Monday which made me wanna sleep. But it was awesome to poke her and pester her and hear her in person and stuff.

The interim was boring. I can't think of much thta I did. I did mean to start Black Butler, but I kept being too tired.

The 3DS ambassador games are up to download now. Well the nes ones are. I've played on 9 of them (not Zelda 2 yet, I'm waiting on that one).

Thoughts on each:
*Super Mario Bros. - Retro goodness. This was my first ever video game. It's a reminder that old games can still be good (and frustrating)
*The Legend of Zelda - The first Zelda game. Well it has it's faults. It's unclear where you're meant to go between dungeons (hence why I ended up doing 3 before 2) so that can lead t getting utterly lost.
*Ice Climber - It's an interesting little game really.
*Balloon Fight - Was fun when I played it. It's simple enough.
*Donkey Kong Jr. - Frustrating and too easy to lose
*Wrecking Crew - My main thought? What. Just, what.
*NES Open Tournament Golf - Tricky to figiure out and a bit overlong
*Yoshi - Seems best suited for portable format. It's a nice distraction
*Metroid - I need to play some more

So there you go. I likely wouldn't have paid for them (bar maybe mari) but it's nice to get them for free.

Anyway, onto the second point.

Today we went to Llandudno, which (if you've not guessed from the spelling) is in Wales. So many signs in Welsh! Sometimes I wonder if those words are actually real or even pronounceable though.

Anyway we went up the Orne, which is really nice cause it's a pretty view. And there were sheep! But they didn't want to be my friend as they kept running from from me. Boo.

I got a little cuddly goat though. And a dragon. And new Clone Wars cards, yay! And I got a Jawa, Nala Se and rare Kit!) And the HMV there had an awesome window display for Star Wars on blu ray! Yay!

Well it was a nice day and we got back in time for Torchwood so yay!

(Although this ep was a little tricky for others to follow I followed it ok.) I hated that they killed off Kira too fast. Ugh. And yay for Q! And Gwen's mum. And everything's starting to make sense yet is still a bit foggy.

Ah well, aerogroupie's returning tomorrow and I'm sleepy so I'm gonna go.

I still need to change icons and fic so hope to do it soonish. And ugh stupid JC still haven't sent mail back.
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