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Looking For A Fuck

Looking For A Fuck
Pairing: Moose/Rich Boucher
Rating: NC-17
POV: Moose
Warnings: Porn and stuff
Notes: For lc_ffaf's birthday! You awesome Welshie you.

I sat, staring at the blonde that had just came over to me. He was tall, quite imposing and looked so muscular. "Wanna fuck?" He asked, looking me right in the eyes. When I just blinked, he rolled his eyes. "I'm not into small talk. I've seen you watching me so do you want my dick or not?" He was right, I had been watching him all night and I was desperate for a fuck. It had been so long since I'd had a dick up my arse. Out of all the guys here he looked like he'd be the best man to do that.

"Yeah." I nodded dumbly. "Yeah, I want your dick."

"Good." He nodded slightly in return, smirking. "Yours or mine?"



It was a fairly short trip back to mine in my car. We'd spent the trip in silence but that was ok. He didn't seem like much of a talker. The most we'd done was exchange names, his being Rich.

I got out the car, locking it up when he followed suit, then lead him towards the door. "So do you want a drink or anything first?" I asked conversationally as I unlocked it.

"If I wanted that I'd have had one at the bar." He responded, his dark eyes boring into me as he spoke.

I nodded a little and pushed open the door, stepping inside before shutting it behind him. I toed off my shoes, then smiled at him. "I guess you wanna go straight to the bedroom then?" He nodded and grabbed my arse, squeezing my cheek hard. That was the answer, so I led him through my house to the bedroom.

As soon as we'd gotten inside, he pushed me against the wall and kissed me hard, obviously not taking the time to look around. I smiled and responded to him, his hands working to remove our clothing between hot, hungry kisses. It was only when we were naked that he stopped and looked around. I wasn't sure if he was looking for the bed or lube, but his gaze foun what he would have noticed earlier if he'd looked.

There, sprawled out over the bed, was my lover. He was naked and fat, so fat he was confined to the bed he was laying in. That was why I'd gone out for cock, Darran was physically incapable of fucking me now. I couldn't fit atop him to take his dick wich was sad, but he looked so fucking hot and I was all too keen to fuck his sweet, round ass. but sometimes I just... needed dick.

I expected Rich to be freaked out, but instead he smirked. "Well well, what do we have here."

"This is Darran he's my..."

"Fat fuck." He finished, smirking. "On your knees. Now." He gripped my hair and pushed me to my knees so my vision was filled with his large dick. I took the hint and wrapped my lips around the tip, taking a deep breath through my nose before starting to suck on him. He was bigger than Darran so it took a few tries to take a substanial amount of him, but I got there in the end. Soon every time my lips sunk down on him my nose was buried in his hairs. "Mmmm thats enough cunt." He pushed me away, just as I was really getting into it. I knew it was for a good reason.

I was soon on all fours and his fingers were in front of my face, which I readily sucked for the few brief moments they were there. The second he pulled them away he sank them into my arse, giving me a quick fingering before replacing them with his cock, my own bobbing beneath me. "So you're a feeder huh?" He asked once he was balls deep, an odd time to ask. I merely nodded and he slammed into me. "Always wanted to try it, or at least fuck a fatty. I'll fuck him later once I'm done with you." The thought made me groan. The image of Rich fucking Darran filled my mind and made my neglected dick throb.

Rich's hands roamed my body, feeling my sides but not keeping to any specific place for very long. He ran his hands over my arms, through my hair, along my thighs and arse. Anywhere but my dick. I pushed back againsrt him, hoping I'd get the attention where I wanted it. He didn't move his hands to my dick, not for any more then the briefest of touches. He was just a fucking tease, which just made me ache all the more. He fucked me good and hard, his balls slapping against my arse with each thrust.

Darran was watching, as he had the whle time, and he was futilely trying to touch himself. It had been a long time since he'd been able to do that, yet still he tried. It would've made me smirk if I was getting my own dick touched. I moved my hand from the floor, but he slammed into me extra hard so I had to brace myself again. Fucking bastard.

He growled behind me as he thrust a few more times before shooting deep inside me. "Mmmm fuck..." He growled again and leaned down, running his hands over my chest. "Good, you didn't cum. That means you can wank while I fuck your fatty."

I moaned at the thought, but nodded. I'd likely have came right then if I so much as brushed my cock.

"First though I could do with that drink." He wiped his cock over my face before pulling me just in time for me to watch his shapely cheeks as he went out. Fuck I hoped this wouldn't be a one off.


"Feeding time!"

I groaned, looking up from my bed as Rich came in. He was fully naked,his large dick bobbing as he moved over to me with a tray of food. He'd moved himself in three months ago which I thought was a good thing. Well, it was until I woke tied up in bed. I'd found out then why.

I sat up in bed as best I could, still not used to the extra weight that I now had. He was a feeder and he'd been searching for someone to feed up. I knew how hard that had been but the second he saw Darran he knew he'd gotten what he wanted. Except he wanted to start from scratch with me as well.

It wasn't so bad, not really. Eating and laying in bed, then eating some more. That coupled with fucks from Rich if I behaved meant things were pretty good. Cept I couldn't fuck Darran anymore. "Now eat up, then you can have my dick." I smiled, then started devouring the food. Yeah, things weren't too bad.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, darran smith, fic, funeral for a friend, moose, moose/rich boucher, rich boucher, slash
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