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I want one...

When I was off to fetch the paper earlier, I seen they beautiful guy! He was at the bus stop outside my place, with blondae hair (oviously bleached) and dark eyebrows. He had the cutest expression and was generally hot. Damn my shyness for not saying hi. (sure I probably would have said something embarresing like "Hi, how come your so hot?" or "My place is only there, wanna come in?" gah!)

I need to go a gay bar, where at least I know they're all gay (or would I be just as shy there?) Sigh

May write Dunklee angst, cause I want to.

Jay amuses me. He's having a hard time finding a straight woman. He knows 8 lesbians. he he

Oh and one more thing, tomorrow Matrix day yayness! Matrix, Matrix reloaded, Animatrix and Matrix Revolutions :D
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