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Right, putting Hitler in the cupboard

This is mostly just a ramble post.

First Torchwood. It was an interesting episode and nice to hear some references to Who. And, of course, gay sexing. And PC Andy being a badass. And Kira from DS9. Hoping the next ep (with Q amusingly) will provide some more answers.

Friday Reading and Leeds had MCR and yes, they were actually on and on first! And for a good long while too. Nomnom and they were in their Killjoy stuff too. I got mum to stay up and watch whwich was amusing as I had to explain who was who. The things she said. Calling Ray curly top, implying Frank and the drummer were 'together'. Just amusing. And she was glad Brain May was on cause she liked Queen.

Yesterday we went to London for Mamma Mia. Before it we searched for Forbidden Planet but ugh. We couldn't see to find the damn place and whenever mum asked for directions we got sent the wrong way. Ugh. We did go into a place called M and M world (wtf?) and the guy mum asked for directions there was so obviously gay.

We had Mcdonalds and the stumbled on a manga shop, which I now wish I'd got something from. Ah well.

The show itself was pretty awesome and funny. It was a lot like the film bar some obvious differences (mostly being set related). We had a good view, close to the middle and ony 13 rows back. But yes, it was nice and awesome. We might go to a show again.

And then there was new Who! Yay! Cut because it's a whole heap of madness.

Well that episode was just a whole heap of madness. Some things explained, some not.

*The Silence being a religious order not a species? The fuck? What the fuck is it with religion this series?
*What is the question?
*Weird teeny people!
*Badass Rory! Shutting Hitler in a cupboard
*Donna! Shame they just used obvious promo shots. Coudn't they have got them in for five minutes for a new one?
*River being all insane. Seriously she was mental and at least we know what they meant by 'turning the child into a weapon' though it seems not to have worked that well.
*Now the Doctor knows when and where he dies can't he... do something about it? Surely it's not him that dies. It can't be.
*I had some many other points but my mind has blanked now
*Next week is creepy dolls
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