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And I will meet you there

So the past few days have been... odd.

Me and mum had this massive fight, so I spent Monday and Tuesday upstairs in bed, hiding. $Hiding and watching Voyager.

We're at peace now. I think. For now.

The forms for Open Uni are mostly sorted. I'm just waiting on the JC to stamp the forms (annoyingly they had to send it off to be stamped). And I decided what it's towards now too. Yay!

Ricky Rebel is hot and topless 99% of the time. Every other hot guy please take note. And then make out with him.

Today has been parts ok/parts annoying. Annoying parts was going to Cannock and ending up waiting outside in the heat causeI'd gt too much shopping. But thankfully mum got my aunt to come and I saw my cousin I rarely see. She looks so much different since I saw her last. Plus she has a girlfriend so... yay for lack of hetrosexuality.

I squeed when I got home cause one of the Doctor Who character building packs turned out to have one of the super rare figures. Raggedy Doctor to be exact.

Danny has proven himself as a good finding dog for finding Sean when no one else could. Yay!

Good Kerrang for finally having a Panic! poster in.

I've had my Pottermore e-mail and I've been sorted into Gryffindor. I was kinda hoping for Ravenclaw but... it'll do. I AM USELESS AT POTIONS! Snape would hit me.

I'll be watching the first part of this series of Who tonight after Torchwood. Woop!

That's all for now. I may fic tomorrow, but if not it'll be after Mamma Mia.
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