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Nothing but ashes

Not much happened in the last week really.

We've finally decided on a hob and it's coming next week. Huzzah!

On Wednesday I watched Twilight cause it was on tv. It met my low expectations. Sparkly vampires, a lead withonly one facial expression (and emotion) and footface. I mean honestly, why do people like it? It's inexplicable to me.

Thursday was Torchwood and so awesome! Mum got back into it and that bastard guy that killed Vera got what was coming to him. Gwen also started to actually be good... but the preview for next time makes it look like she's a bitch again. Ugh. Next week I'm gonna be looking out for Kira from DS9.

Of course right after there was a Doctor Who trailer! One week now! (Though I have to watch it a bit late.) Other awesome trailers this week: a new Clone Wars one with psycho Anakin and Death Watch and a new Zelda trailer which had a Goron in it! Yay!

Today we went to Birmingham for the Open University open day to find out what best to do. It's pretty much decided I'm gonna be doing Exploring sience which is a 9 month course studying 8 different subjects (including global warming, life, chemistry, quarks to quasars) which should be good.

We also went into the Think Tank with a free ticket and they had a planetarium show which was pretty good, a cafe that was ridiculously overpriced and a dinosaur exibit. Now the dino exhibit was pretty awesome, with about 7 animatic dinosaurs that were so cool... apart from the three raptors. They. Had. Fur. That's just... WRONG. On so many levels. WRONG WRONG WRONG.


I got a cute little chirping grasshopper though. Yay!

Anyway we went around the city for an hour then. The HMV in the Bullring gains massive awesome points. There was a sign up for Star Wars on Blu ray (which surprised me cause there's about a month till it's out) and it said 'Be disappointed not, pre-order your copy. Details for staff you must ask. May the Force be with you' < 3 So much awesome. I can't wait.

That's all for the most part I think. I'm sure I've missed something though.
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