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Not Alone

Not Alone
Pairing: Andy Six/Matt Good/Sonny Moore
Rating: NC-17
POV: Sonny
Warnings: Dub-con
Notes: This is for aerogroupie who is totally 100% to blame for this. But I love her anyway

I groaned, opening my eyes and blinking slightly. The last thing I remembered was finishing up my dj set in some shitty club that I couldn't remember the name of. I'd only had a few drinks but that had been enough apparently. I took in my new, unfamiliar surroundings. I was on someone's floor, still in my clothes.

"Ahh you're awake at last." I looked towards the sound of the voice, but my mind was still a little hazy. All I saw was black, a figure in black. I gazed at him, blinking a few times to see him better, but I couldn't make out much more. I moved my hands to push myself up, but he was there in moments, planting a booted foot on my back to keep me in place. "No one said you could move bitch."

I blinked behind my glasses, completely bewildered. What the fuck was going on? I still tried to push myself up, but he just pressed down harder. "Let me go!"

"No one said you could talk cunt." He spoke again, his voice deep, the deepest I'd ever heard. "I knew we should have gagged your sorry assed mouth while you were passed out."

I shivered slightly. We? He wasn't alone? Shit. I only hoped that this 'we' was a small number and that they weren't planning on killing me. What a way to go that would be, killed by a group of guys in some apartment fuck knows where. I looked up at him, my vision clearing enough now for me to get a decent view. He was tall, wearing tight black pants and he didn't wear anything on his upper body. He had tattoos over his arms, obscured by streaks of black make-up. If circumstances were different I'd be aching. His ran a hand through his wild jet black hair and smirked.

I heard movement from behind me, but I culdn't see it's source. Clearly it was the other person here, or one of them. I swallowed nervously, keeping very still. Should I beg, or would that just make things worse? I decided it would be best not to, so I kept silent. The boot moved from my back and I started to think that things might be looking up, but that lasted all of two seconds as the person behind me picked me up and forced me over the nearby coffee table. I let out a small groan at the feeling, his hands reaching around and undoing my flies. I struggled, but the other guy was in front of me now, looking down at me like some demonic vision. He smirked again, reaching down and pulling my t-shirt off me. Before I knew it he'd worked it off and had my arms bound behind me with it. His companion had gotten my pants down to my ankles, so my ass was free for them to see. I shuddered, having a feeling I knew where this was going.

I felt fingers drag along my crack, pressing against my opening. I let out a whiper, trebling against the cold glass. "Please don't..."

"Shut the fuck up whore." The one from in front of me growled. "What did I tell you about speaking huh?" He reached down and undid his flies, pulling out his large cock. "This should shut you up." He rubbed it over my face, then when I tried to turn away he just gripped my hair and slapped me with it. "You'd better open up now cunt." Although he didn't threaten me, I certainly got the impression that he'd do something if I didn't comply. So I stopped fighting it and parted my lips enugh for him to push in, which he did the first chance he got. He shoved in as much as he could, practically choking me with it. He pulled out, then thrust back in, making me gag a little this time. He was just so big. Just thrust made me gag and my eyes water just a little.

I'd gotten so distracted by the cock in my mouth thatI'd forgotten about the other guy, but I was soon reminded of him as he pushed two fingers into me. They didn't even feel that lubed and it hurt like fuck, but I was no stranger to taking dick so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Still, it made me groan around the dick in my mouth, the sound coming out choked and causing me to salivate around him. The fingers thrust in and out of me for only a few moments before I heard a zipper and then they slipped out of me. I squirmed but his hand pressed against the small of my back to hold me in place and he entered me anyway. Thankfully he wasn't as big as his friend was but it still hurt. I strugged some more, more out of instinct then anything, but they both held me down, fucking their respective holes.

Under different circumstances I'd be hard and aching against the table, but not now. I forced myself to keep still, only squeezing around the cock in my ass and sucking on the one in my mouth in hopes that if I got them off quicker they'd let me go. It didn't seem to help me too much as the one fucking my face kept making me gag more now as he forced me to take more and more of him. I'd almost took the whole thing now due to his thrusts. "Yeah, that's it, take it all you little bitch."

The dick up my ass was buried in me fully on each thrust he made, his balls slapping against my ass each time. Sometimes his cock caught my spot and made my dick twitch a little, but it was never on purpose and never enough to get me fully hard.

"Fuck..." The guy in front of me started to twitch against my tongue and he pulled out just in time to spurt acrosss my face, seemingly aiming to make sure he got his cum over my glasses. "Such a fucking improvement slut." He muttered, almost breathless.

The guy behind me let out a noise between a chuckle and a groan, fucking me harder now. The one in front zipped himself up and look a few shots of my face on his phone, his other hand pulling my head up so he got the best view. He turned his phone around, letting the other guy see. "See how fucking perfect the whore looks?" The sight must have set him off as I felt him shot deep inside me.

When he pulled out I sighed quietly, hoping my ordeal was over. Once he was zipped up, he gripped my bound arms and pulled me upright, forcing me through the apartment toward the door, his friend right in front of us. He was the one that opened the door out into the corridor and he grabbed something from the side. "Have a safe trip home slut." Before I was pushed outside, pants still around my ankles, I heard a loud rip as my t-shirt was cut off me, being torn to shreds in the process.

"And if you fucking say anything we'll release those pics." I blinked, recognising that voice, the voice f the other that had been fucking me. I turned to confirm it and I instantly recognised Matt, even though my glasses were so stained with cum my vision was blurred.


He smirked and slammed the door in my face, leaving me alone with my pants around my ankles and my t-shirt in tatters. Fuck.
Tags: andy six, black veil brides, drugs, fic, matt good, skrillex, slash, sonny moore
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