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Best Present Ever

Best Present Ever
Pairing: Gerard Way/Jay James/Mikey Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mikey
Prompt: 29: Submissive
Warnings: Slight AU, BDSM
Notes I dunno why it's took me so long to do a Jay/Ways fic, but here it is.

I laid back, staring at the ceiling as I waited for my brother. He'd left and told me not to leave the room as he was getting my present. Gerard's birthday presents were always the ones I looked forward to most ever since we were kids. He'd always give me one of his drawings as well as whatever else he decided to get. I kept each one, no matter how strange the subject matter may be. Of course he'd already given me the drawing for this year, which I glanced at now.

It was of me sleeping naked in a bed with nothing but black petals covering me. At least I thought they were petals. I hadn't had chance to ask before he dashed off to get his 'main' present some 15 minutes ago. I wondered what was taking him so long, though I think I was more annoyed that he'd decided to get whatever this present was before giving me the morning blow job.

I sighed, glancing at the door. Seriously, what the fuck was taking him so long? Was he going to Japan to get it or some shit? It better be good.

Another 15 minutes went past and I was about to just turn the tv on for some entertainment when the door opened, just enough for Gerard to poke his head through the door. "Sorry it took so long, I had to pick it up from Ray's." I raised an eyebrow slightly. He always hid larger presents are Ray's, ones that he couldn't hide easily here. "Now close your eyes." I nodded and did so, eager to find out what this mystery big thing was.

I heard the door open more and footsteps approach, followed by the covers being pulled back. the bed dipped slightly and my legs were nudged apart before a set of lips wrapped around my cock. Although these weren't Gerard's lips. I could tell that by the pierced tongue that lurked behind them. My brother was too scared of needles to get his ears pierced, let alone to have his tongue done. I did a mental list of the people we knew, but none had pierced tongues either so this was someone new. I kept my eyes shut for a few more moments, enjoying the feeling of this mystery person as they took me down to the base in one go. That meant that this person had to have given head before. I resisted the urge to open my eyes to find out, wanting to at least give Gerard the chance to tell me when to do so.

"Ok you can open them now." Gerard spoke up after a few seconds, in which time the person had bobbed up and down my shaft twice.

I opened my eyes and looked down, watching as Gerard pulled the head away away from my dick, making me lose that sweet suction. I almost glared at him, but I knew it was to show me this new person. They were, as expected, a guy, with dark shoulder length hair and hazel eyes. His lips were painted black and eyeliner surrounded both eyes. A collar surrounded his neck and I noted he was tattooed on his back and arms, though his arms were pulled behind him and cuffed in place, the cuffs equally black as everything else. His body was slightly rounded and stiocky, but it was very attractive, my wet cock twitching in front of him. His own dick was in a small black pouch, which looked like it was some sort of chastity device. Lastly there was the base of a plug sticking out of his ass, meaning he was ready for a fucking. My examination of him complete, I glanced back at my brother.

"Well do you like him?" I nodded a little and before I verbalise my thoughts my brother spoke again. "His name's Jay, though since he's yours you can call him whatever you want. He's yours, for good, and you can do anything with him that you want."

I turned my attention back to the guy in front of me and gave him another once over. Anything huh? My mind was swimming with ideas. All kinds of things I'd not be able to do to Gerard. I smirked and nodded to myself. So much. My dick twitched again.

"I know what I want first." I licked my lips lightly. "You, on face down, ass up." I nodded to Jay. "At the foot of the bed." He shifted into position, doing so without even a word. Good. "Now you," I pointed at my brother, licking my lips slowly. "Are going to fuck him." I sat up to get a better view, watching as my brother removed his pants. He looked wrong in clothes anyway so stripping was a massive improvement.

Once he was naked he pulled the plug out of the other and got into position, pushing his thick dick into his ass. He made a little groan at the intrusion, but no other sounds which was good. It meant he was used to taking dick. I wondered if he could take bigger things as well as he took dick. Gerard wouldn't let me fist him but this guy would, he had to. But first things first. I watched as Gerard started to fuck him steadily, but I shook my head, waving my hand. "I said fuck him! You know what that is right?"

I smirked as my words had the intended reaction, Gerard starting to fuck him good and hard. It was quite a sight. It would've given me a boner if I wasn't hard already. Oh this was going to be fun. So much fun. "That's better." I shifted a little closer to get a better view, watching my brother's dick thrust in and out of him. It was such an interesting sight, one I'd definitely see a lot more of. Yes we'd had threesomes before but they were so infrequent and I rarely just got to watch for long. So I sat there and watched as they fucked. "So, where's this bitch from?" I asked, almost conversationally.

Gerard groaned as he thrust into him. "Wales. I think. It's a part of England.."

"It's next to England dumbass." I rolled my eyes at him but smiled, tongue fliccking over my lips.

"Know it all." He muttered before thrusting again, a little harder this time. "It was Ray that heard about the place I got him from." He thrust again, grunting as he went balls deep into the pretty Welshman. "Now stop with the questions and enjoy your present." I shrugged and returned to just watching, but knew I'd ask him more questions later.

I was debating what to call the little slut since Jay sounded too plain. Slut or Whore were much too obvious. I'd have to be more creative. Not now though. It was hard to be creative with a boner and a live sex show. However, as hot as it was watching my brother's dick pound into the whore's body my dick needed serious attention. I could've just jacked off, but Gerard was right: I had to to enjoy my present. The question was which hole.

I stood up and moved over to them, my dick aching. I moved behind my brother, shoving a finger into him roughly. "Out." I muttered into his ear, curling my finger slightly inside him. "Out now." He moaned and nodded, his bright red hair swishing slightly at the movement. He moved back and I glanced down over his shoulder to make sure. His length slipped out, as hard and needy as my own. "Get him to clean it but don't you dare fucking cum." He nodded and shifted out of my way, which gave me the opportunity to slap his ass hard enough to make him yelp.

I smirked and took his place, lining my dick up with my little slut's opening. Gerard's dick had stretched him open enough for me so I filled him up quite easily, but he still felt so fucking good around my cock. I gripped his bound wrists for leverage, starting to fuck him as hard as my brother had before me. Fuck he felt so good. His insides were twitching and squeezing in all the right ways, which made me slam harder into him each time my hips thrust forward.

In front of us, Gerard had grabbed Jay's hair and pulled his head up, pressing his face against his dick to lick him clean. My brother, always the more vocal of the pair of us, moaned just from the kitten licks Jay was giving him. Probably from the pierced tongue since, like me, I knew he'd not been with anyone with one so the sensation would be enough to drive him wild.

As I watched I slipped a hand around Jay's waist, absently feeling up his soft, round body. He felt a lot like Gerard did, all curves in the right places. He'd certainly picked the right one. I gave the pouch that held his cock a quick squeeze, smirking as I felt his trapped cock twitch in response beneath the rubber. I'd have to find out how to take it off some time.

"That's enough, stop licking his dick now." To make sure Gerard didn't try and keep his head down, I pushed his hand out of the slut's hair and yanked his head up. "Only when I've cum will you." Gerard groaned at my words, a pout forming on his lips but I smirked. "Now get on the bed big brother and don't fucking touch your dick till I tell you."

He nodded a little, which I accepted and just kept fucking Jay's sweet ass. It was just as good as fucking my brother, which was some feat as no one else had felt that good before now. I spat on his back, it landing right on the lizard tattoo that was visible between his arms and I let out a low moan. So fucking hot. I thrust a handful of times before letting out a groan, shooting deep into him. "Fuck..." I stayed with him a few moments, before pulling out, glancing at Gerard. "Now eat this bitch out while you jerk off."

I circled Jay's body, keeping my hand in his hair until I was standing in front of him. His dark hair was sticking to his skin, which somehow made him look hotter. "Now you know what to do." He nodded a little in my grip and started to lick my sticky dick clean, just as he'd done to my brother earlier. I glanced other at him, pleased that Gerard was on his knees behind him, left hand holding his ass open while his right was stroking his dick, his face buried in his crack. If I hadn't just shot my load I'd be hard as a rock. Fuck. I groaned as Jay's pierced tongue rubbed me in a the right places and I knew I'd be getting to know that better. When I'd recovered a bit he'd be giving me head till I came down his throat. And then get that tongue up my ass, or maybe the other way around.

When I was clean I looked down, hearing Gerard cum over Jay's leg which he promptly lapped up before I got a chance to tell him to do so. "Good boy." I smiled and moved back to the bed, sitting on the bed for him to join me.

"So..." He whispered, breathless with wet lips. "What do you think?"

"Best present ever." I grinned and leaned in, giving him a hot, hungry kiss to show my thanks. And it was. No present could ever top this one.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, gerard way/jay james, gerard way/mikey way, jay james, jay james/mikey way, my chemical romance, slash
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