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Who is it?

So it's been a week since my last post.

I was meant to go to Mikey's on Tuesday, but the riots here stopped that. That was so fucking insane. It's almost as if the whole country went absolutely insane. But yeah, it was too dangerous to go so instead I've stayed here and not done to much.

The riots have been so crazy, especially since it's been happening in places I've been and recognise. Thankfully it seems things are calming down.

I got some Magic cards so I'm just waiting for the rest. And the Sorin one from e-bay.

Today I woke up and my stomach aches. Fucking thing.

Torchwood was the other night. WHY DO ALL THE CHARACTERS I LIKE IN THAT SHOW END UP DEAD?! I should just hate everyone in it, maybe then no one will die horribly. It's still good I just wish Rex had died instead of Vera. Of course the main thing about this series of Torchwood is that it shows just how horrible people can be. I mean look how many monsterous people have been in it so far. There's PhiCorp who're only out for a profit, Danes who's a pedo turned celebrity just because he happened to live, the people behind the catergories, that psycho guy running the overflow camps.... there's no shortage of monsters this time. And yet none of the are behind it (cept maybe Phicorp) they're just all taking advantage of it.

I did the usual food shop online and when it came Friday we had two mystery free beers. Oddness.

I also ended up finally getting Link's Awakening on 3DS just cause. Yay for retro gaming!

Well that's it really. I'm gonna watch a film on tv now and go on Magic online for a bit (yay for the free section!
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