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Corpse Collector

Corpse Collector
Pairing: Jay James/Padge
POV: Padge
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: 48: Writer's Choice: Necrophilia
Warnings: Necromancy, necrophilia
Notes: I thought of this awhile ago but wasn't sure how to do it. I blame the Magic 2012 fat pack booklet for making me wanna do it. Thanks to lc_ffaf for some help.

I woke up, blinking up at the stars above. I sat up, feeling slightly groggy, but that wasn't anything new. This wasn't the first time I'd gotten drunk and awoken someplace strange. Something felt different this time though, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I looked from side to side, noting the headstones in the dim light that meant I was in a cemetary.

I glanced down at myself briefy and noted that my clothes were tatty and covered in dirt. Again, that wasn't anything new.

I sighed softly then stood. I had a feeling that I had somewhere to be, a strangely intense feeling. I started to move, heading... somewhere. Wherever this urge was taking me.


I walked through unfamiliar streets for what felt like forever. I didn't feel tired though. Now I was standing in front of a building I'd never been to, but it was one I felt like I had to be. I pushed open the front gate, walking towards the open door. I made my way inside, completely unsure as to what to expect within.

I wanted to wait wait, to at least think bout what I was doing, but my feet moved anyway, taking me inside.

Within, the house was quiet and dark, save for a few candles providing dim light. The interior, what I could see anyway, was just as unfamiliar to me as the outside. As I kept walking I was filled with questions. Why was I here? Why did I have the strangest urge to be here? Who owned this place and where were they? And why didn't I feel the slightest bit tired, even after I'd walked for so long?

"Ah. You made it."

Then everything went dark again.


When I next woke I was in a bed, in a room with candles illuminating it. I looked down at myself and realised I was naked now. I was covered in these strange marks, black symbols that seemed to be at regular intervals on my body. I was restrained, spread eagled on the bed, though my limbs felt so heavy I wasn't sure it was even necessary.

I wanted to speak, to scream, to shout, but nothing came out of my mouth. I couldn't even get it open. All I could do was look around, though there wasn't much to see in the dark.

"Ah good." A voice came from the darkness, the same one I'd heard earlier. He stepped out of the shadows into view and I guessed he must have been sitting and watching me this whole time. "Everything seems at be working perfectly." I glared at him, confused and needing answers. He was fairly short, with dark hair that hung to his shoulders and strong looking arms. He was dressed all in black so he melded with the shadows. The candlelight cast flickering shadows over his face, though I could see him smiling.

"I'm sure you have questions." He paused, stepping closer until he was at my side, his eyes skimming over me briefly. "You will have answers, in time." He paused again, this time to run his hands over me. It made me shiver. "You are here by my will. I am the reason you exist." He smirked and he leaned closer. "You are meant to be dead. Technically you still are." I blinked, looking at him like he was insane, he certainly sounded it. "Don't believe me? Think.. Before you woke, what was the last thing you rememeber?"

I thought for a moment. There was the walk, the cemetary... then everything became hazy. I closed my eyes in thought, trying to remember. There was blood and pain and I felt broken but... specifics escaped me, like reaching for shapes in smoke.

He smirked at me and nodded, stroking my hair again. "I see you remember the pain. You died that night. You were buried, but now you're mine. I control every part of you." He was right I didn't believe him. It sounded absolutely insane. "I'll prove it shall I?" He undid the restraint holding my right wrist in place. Even though my arm was free I still couldn't will it to move. That was until I had the strangest urge to put it on my chest, which I did, right above my heart. "Feel." I wasn't sure what he meant at first, all I could feel was my skin, which was a little cold. It took several minutes to work out exactly what he meant. There were two things I noticed at practically the same time. First my heart wasn't beating. I couldn't feel the rhythmic pumping that I knew should be there. The second thing was that my chest wasn't rising and falling, which meant I wasn't breathing. Fuck. He was telling the truth.

As my eyes widened he nodded and then my arm went back to where it was before, cuffing it again. "Believe me now?" I nodded a little, although I was honestly shocked and more than a little confused. "Good." He gave me a moment to take it all in before he spoke again. "I control your movements so you may be wondering why I bother restraining you. I find that in the early days the visual restraints are better because you can actually see them, whereas my real control is unseen. Visualising it helps so much, don't you think?" He paused again and smiled down at me.

"Do you have any questions?"

I felt my voice return to me and swallowed before finally speaking. "What do you want with me?"

"Ah, that's probably the best first question to ask. I want you. It's simple as that. I want to own you. Control you. Keep you. It's what I do." He paused and ran his fingers through my hair. "I am giving you life, just because I want you." I swallowed and he picked up on that. "As to what I want to do to you..." His smile turned into a smirk. "I have needs, just like everyone else. Needs which I find aren't satisfied by the living. I've been with the living. They're far too warm and more too much. It's irritating. Anything else?"

"Who are you?" I asked in response, plucking that out of the myriad of questions that lingered in my mind.

"My name is Jay, Jay James. Although when I let you talk you'll refer to me as sir or master. If you don't I can always silence you."

"Sir?" He looked back and in the doorway there was another man. He was tall, looked muscly and had dirty blonde hair. His clothing had some dirt on it, though I was unsure it mattered. "I'm sorry to disturb you but I thought I'd let you know his grave is back in order."

"Good Rich." Jay nodded, gesturing with his hand. "Away now." And with that, Rich left my sight, heading to parts unknown. "That's Rich, he's like you. He's been with me a long time now and he's learned his place. You will too."

"Since I'm really... dead. Won't I... you know, decay?"

He chuckled, licking his lips lightly. "You're smarter than I expected. No you won't. As long as you behave." He looked me over, planting a hand on my bare thigh. "Now it's time to see how you are."

I lost my voice again, probably so I couldn't ask questions. He went to the foot of the bed, undoing the restraints holding my ankles in place. I watched as my legs moved to my chest, parting enough so he had access. I had no control over what I did, it was all him. He smiled at my helplessness and started to undress, returning to me when he was fully naked. He was quite attractive really. I probably wouldn't have said no to him if the situation was different. Once he was naked he climbed onto the bed, aiming his cock for my opening before pressing into me. Strangely it didn't hurt and he filled me easily, despite him not even fingering me a little. I guessed it was due to his control, that was the only explanation I could think of.

He started to fuck me, holding onto my legs as he moved in and out of me. It was strange, it still felt good when he thrust into me but I wasn't getting hard. It was so frustrating. My dick remained irritatingly limp, no matter how many times he caught my spot. Of course it made sense when I really thought about it. Hard-ons were caused by blood, but with the heart not pumping it I guessed it just wouldn't happen, as much as I wanted it. Perhaps he had some way of doing it that I hoped he'd share in the future. At least I hoped he did. I couldn't go through my life (un-life?) being fucked without even getting a boner. He grinned down at me and I had the impression he knew what I was thinking. He was enjoying this, enjoying the pure desperation in my eyes. Desperation that I couldn't express in any way. I couldn't push back or moan or thrust. All I could do is lie there and take it.

He growled, grunted and moaned with each thrust into me. Every other one caught my spot, making me even more frustrated. It wouldn't be so bad if I could just get hard, even a semi would do. All I could manage was a slight twitch which he probably couldn't even see. I felt him dig his nails into my legs, his thrusts becoming harder and faster. I felt him twitch inside me and heard him mumble under his breath. A handful of jerky thrusts later and I fet him cum instead me, watching him moan out his orgasm. Fuck he looked so hot. I longed for release, but none came. He just pulled out of me and patted my hair.

"Mmmm you were as good as I hoped." He licked his lips and my legs returned to there former position on the bed. "I'll be back soon." He kissed my forehead gently and then left the room to parts unknown.

I always alone once more, with my frustration and my thoughts and my endless questions.


I wasn't sure how long he'd been gone, but it was long enough for the nearest candle to me to burn down at least an inch. He smiled down at me, looking me over. He was wearing just a robe now, having left his clothes scattered over the floor. He freed my wrists and then stood beside the bed, beckoning me with a finger. "Come." And with that I felt his control leave me, my limbs becoming my own. I could stay where I was or run, but what would either do me? He controlled me before and I assumed he would again.

So I stood up, ready to follow him wherever he was going. He seemed pretty pleased that I did, so he turned and lead me out. Again, I considered hitting him with something, but what good would it do me? I didn't know how this worked. Knocking him out could make me dead again. Or paralysed or fuck knows what else. So I followed him to where he was leading me, which was to another room, which was also illuminated by candles.

There were three other men in here. The first was Rich, who was lying on the bed as naked as I was now. He was lying there, looking over at us, though I suspected his attention was solely on Jay. "You've met Rich here." He nodded to the blonde. "He's the muscle." I gave him a good looking over. He really was muscly, with strong arms covered in ink. He also had a tatt on his up chest and both nipples pierced. Like me, he had black symbols over his body in the same places. His dick was soft like mine, though it was bigger. I swallowed, wondering what it'd look like hard. I also noted there were no signs, like with me, of what killed him. "He does anything I need doing."

He nodded to the other bed, where the other male was laying. Unlike Rich he was restrained at his wrists and ankles. He too had ink on his arms, though he had less muscle. His most notable tatts were gun tattoos on his hips. He had the symbols again, just like me and Rich in the same places. Unlike either of us his lips were stiched shut, which seemed odd. "This is Ian. I found out early he talks too much, so I decided to permenantly silence him." That was all he said about him. I could see it in Ian's eyes that he didn't really like his current situation.

Jay nodded to the last bed. He was different, but only because he lacked both of his legs. "This is Moose. He was involved in a rather nasty car accident before he died, hence why he has no legs. Still, he is quite pretty don't you agree?" I nodded a little, looking him over. Nice sized cock, tattoos on his arms and those symbols again. Jay turned to look at me, a smirk crossing his face. "This is my collection, of which you are the latest edition." He stepped over to me, running a hand over my chest. "I know you'll be happy here."

Strangely I felt like he was actually right, though I couldn't quite put my finger on why. "Now, back to bed with you." I nodded a little and went back to where I'd come from, smiling at the other three before leaving. "Tomorrow will be busy night." I laid back on the bed, getting a feeling he was right. There was so much to get used to. "Now, rest."

And with that darkness took me.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, funeral for a friend, ian watkins, jay james, jay james/padge, lostprophets, moose, padge, rich boucher, slash
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