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The gap between dimensions

So this is a standard ramble post.

Mum found my dangly bit from my BVB rosary. Yay!

Yesterday the Zelda soundtrack came! Yay! I was surprised when I played it and mum liked it, but then it is awesome. It's made me wanna start the Master Quest, which I will soon.

Also saw a blu ray mag about Star Wars and I noticed one of the pics had an additional change to the blu ray reease. I wonder how many other additions there's been. That's two now (with a CGI episode I Yoda).

Kerrang's 'top 50 greatest rockstars' is mostly shit. And poeple I've never even heard of. Ugh. Least next week's has MCR and a Bullet poster.

Aso we got tickets to Mamma Mia! Yay!

Last night was Torchwood. I must say I'm getting more into it now and the concept is really awesome and explored in great ways. If it was done in who it'd be done in an episode and none of the consequences would be seen.

Random bullet points on it:
*It seems Jack has managed to piss someone off enough to switch the mortality/immortality of every human on the planet.
*I really can't stand Rex
*Gwen's hair at the end was ridiculous
*Even though the story is about everyone not dying I still expect people to die in times when they would normally.
*Rhys is a loveable idiot
*The dead is dead woman pissed me off. Glad she ended up crushed. Now she can see what it's like
*Also glad (and a little surprised) that Jilly actually dislikes Danes
*And surprised at how people are still respecting that guy so much. He just knows to say the right things, but that doesn't stop him from being, well, a monster. I get the feeling paart of his payment from phicorp'll be another kid.
*Next week's looks interesting. I wanna know what this 'truth' thing is.
*Also curious if Who/Sarah Jane will actually mention any of this.

Before was a who trailer which was awesome. I love that there's a pyramid (even though it's fucking odd). And pteradactyls!!

Today we went to Birmingham to try out the new bus service. It's pretty good, though it was so full people were standing on the way there. I didn't get much but I got what I hoped for: a Magic 2012 fat pack which I'll be opening soon. Woo!

I also got served by a hot guy at the bank and got 3 pieces for the 3DS puzzles, yay!

So disappointed the Zelda concert is on the exact midpoint between Black Veil Brides and my birthday, thus ensuring I can't go short of a miracle.

I'm sure I had something to ramble about in edition to all that, but I can't really think what it was now.
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