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Young And Defenceless

Young And Defenceless
Pairing: Jay James/Rich Boucher
Rating: NC-17
POV: Rich
Prompt: 32: Branding
Warnings: BDSM, feederism
Notes: For lc_ffaf. This fic combines like... three random ideas, none of which I actually expected to do but they just made sense together so here it is.

I sat in my car, watching, waiting. From the shadows I watched as people started leaving the bar. I studied each face, searching for the right one. I was very particular. I didn't just pick up any random piece of ass, only the ones that I felt most attracted would do.

Finally a guy that fit the bill came out. He was pretty short, with a dark mohawk haircut. He wore some band t-shirt and three-quarter lengths. Tattoos were visible on his arms, always a good sign. Perhaps best of all was that he wasn't walking straight, a sign that he'd had perhaps too much too drink, and that he was alone. Perfect.

I waited awhile until he made his way down the street a bit before starting my car up and following him. It was several more minutes before I felt we'd reached a quiet enough area for me to act. I pressed the button to wheel down the wind, then sped up until I was right next to him before slowing again. "Sir?" He didn't respond, so I tried again. "Sir?" I repeated, this time louder. "Can you stop please?"

He blinked and turned to face me. "The fuck do you want?"

"I want you to stop. You're clearly drunk, let me take you home."

He narrowed his eyes at me. "I don't need a lift. Fuck off."

I smirked and stopped, getting out of the car. Only then did he seem to take me seriously, most likely due to my outfit. He started to move faster, but it was too late. I easily grasped him and rammed him against the side of the car. "For being abusive to a police officer." I whispered in his ear. "I'm taking you in." I easily snapped cuffs around his wrists, despite his struggles.

"You can't do this!" He growled, trying to hit me. Perfect.

"You're only making this worse for yourself." I whispered the caution, opening the back door and forcing him inside. "I suggest you behave."

I got in the front again and started up again, glancing in the rear view mirror to keep an eye on him. I guessed he'd be out in a few minutes if I kept driving, so that's what I did. He didn't ask questions or say anything else and I wasn't eager for conversation either. I'd learn everything I needed to soon.

I was thankful he didn't look out the window as we went past the station completely. Soon after that he slumped in his seat, passed out from the alcohol he'd drank. Ah well, better with me then in the middle of the road. Better for me anyway.


He awoke in bed wearing nothing at all, with his hands cuffed to the bed. "Hello Jay." He blinked and looked at me, cleary surprised I knew his name. It's not that hard to find out when you have someone's wallet and phone.

"You... you're the cop..."

I nodded and smirked. "Yeah." I stood and licked my lips. "Only not really." I grinned at him, though he just looked confused. "It's amazing how well a cheap Halloween outfit works on drunks." I let the words sink in for a few seconds, then waited for the expectant strugging. Which, of course, he did.

I waited some more for him to calm down, after the usual comments of 'let me go' and 'you can't do this to me' and the other usual shit. Eventually he calmed down enough for me to talk to him. "Here's the deal. First, you are going to calm the fuck down." I moved close enough so I was towering over him, making sure he could see my muscles. When his helplessness sank in, I started again. "Good boy. You see I'm not going to hurt you, not if you do exactly as I say."

"And what's that?"

"You'll see." I patted his thigh. "I have several things in mind. Some obvious, some less so." I paused, looking down and seeing his dick twitch against his belly. Clearly some of those things wouldn't bother him all that much. Good. "Now, how about I get you something to eat? Nights out drinking always make me hungry."

He seemed reluctant, but the sound of his stomach growling quickly proved his need. "I'll be back before you know it, then I'll explain your situation a bit more."

I turned and left him, fully expecting him to struggle the moment I was out of the room. I wasn't wrong.


He'd calmed down when I bought him food and drink. His eyes widened at the sight of all the food I'd bought, but I just smiled. "It's all for you. You'd better eat up." I settled the plate on his belly and his juice beside the bed on the dresser. "You've gonna need the energy."

He narrowed his dark eyes a little at me. "How am I meant to eat like this?"

"I'll feed you." I smiled and picked up a fork, using it to stab some of the pre-cut food for him, ready to feed him. "Now, open up."

He frowned but did so anyway, his hunger clearly overriding everything else. "That's it, good boy. Eat it all up and you'll get a treat." Feeding him was easy with the incentive of a reward. After every few mouthfuls I let him have a drink, smiling as he swallowed it down willingly. After all, how was he supposed to know I'd added something to it. It wasn't anything that would hurt him, it was just a few things that would speed the process along.

Once the juice was gone and the plate was clear, I patted his head and set the plate down. "Such a good boy." I smiled and shifted my hand lower, over his belly. It was fairly round already, a good start. I let my fingers linger there for a while before moving them down to his hard dick. "You see as long as you behave, you will get rewards." I wrapped my fingers around his dick, starting to stroke him slowly. He had a rather nice cock, which twitched more at my touch. "These rewards vary. I may give you another wank, or fuck you up the arse." I reached down and ran a finger along his crack, smirking as he shivered. "Before that I'll free you from this bed, though if you try to escape... well." I smiled sweetly at him, giving his cock a squeeze. "There'll be consequences." None of the others had tried to escape, too afraid of what those may be. I hoped he'd be as wise as they. "I hope you will be good."

He nodded and I sped my hand up a little, going quiet. My own cock was aching, desperate with need. Soon. It'd be worth it. I watched as I stroked his dick firmly and steadily, enjoying the breathless moans of pleasure he made. His hips thrust up to meet my hands and then I knew. I knew he was mine. When he came moments later I let him lick my sticky fingers clean. "Good boy."


Jay looked at me in confusion when, two weeks after I'd bought him here I bought in a small bbq heater and ignited the flame. "What's that for?"

"You'll find out." I smirked and put the brand in the flame to heat up. I went over to him as I waited, watching as he finished eating. He'd earned the right to use his own hands the day after he'd came and, as I'd hoped, he'd behaved and not tried to escape or fight me. As expected, his appetite had improved slightly.

He swallowed a mouthful of food, then he looked at me. No doubt he was debating if he should ask about what I was doing. He didn't say anything though, instead choosing to finish his food. I glanced a few times at the brand to check it was being heated well enough. Thankfuly it looked like it was ready just after he finished up his meal.

"Good boy." I smiled, patting his head before taking the plate off him and setting it on the dresser. "Now, roll over, onto your belly." He nodded a little before doing as I told him without question. He looked nice like this, especially since it shown off the sexy lizard tattoo that I rarely got to see. "Good. Now, I'm going to restrain you again." I moved around him, putting his wrists and ankles back into the cuffs without waiting for a response. "But it won't be for long."

He didn't fight, which pleased me, but he might soon. "Now, stay still." I walked to the fire and lifted the brand, examining it briefly to make sure it was hot enough before nodding. "This'll hurt a bit." I carried it to him, then pressed it against the skin of his right arse cheek.

"Fuck! What are you doing!?" He cried out in pain, but I kept the brand in place, inhaling the scent of his burnt flesh.

"Shush, just a little longer." I smiled and waited a few more moments before removing it, setting it in the the sink and cooling it with water. It hissed the second the water hit it, but soon it was back to it's normal colour. Only then did I return to him, gently wiping the fresh brand. "Yes, that went well." I kissed his other cheek and smirked, gazing at the fresh number 4 that was imprinted on his skin. I could have tattooed him but this was so much more personal. "Perfect."


I let the brand heal as much as I could before the urge to fuck him just became too much. He looked so much better now. So much rounder. Between that and how sexy his brand looked, and how long I'd waited, it was only a matter of time before I fucked him.

So here he was, in the same position he was when he got the brand, although this time he wasn't restrained and his increased size meant he was a little higher now. I had two fingers buried between his cheeks, thrusting them in and out. "I'm going to be fucking you this time. With my dick." He nodded a little. He'd got used to me fingering him now. I did it at least once a day in preparation for now. I pulled my fingers out, satisfied he was ready now.

I pushed my underwear down, climbing between his legs and pushing in. He hissed in pain at my intrusion, though most did. I wasn't small and I was probably the biggest he'd ever had. I felt onto his flabby hips and started to fuck him hard and fast. "Mmm, it's always good to fuck a fatty." He groaned under me and I smiled.

He'd realised what I was doing to him by now, he wasn't stupid. He'd noticed the weight gain, that the food I gave him was fattening, that he was wanting more food despite doing less. Of course he asked about it and I was honest with him. I was a feeder. I got off on feeding guys up and making them fat. He pretty much accepted it without arguement.

I smiled, staring at the lizard tatt on his back as I fucked him. Yes, he was so hot. His hair was growing back on his head, making me wonder if I should keep the hawk or just let it grow out. I guessed I could always use it for leverage, especially when he got bigger.

I snaked a hand around his waist, running my fingers over the skin of his now large belly. Fuck, it felt so good. It'd only get better in the coming weeks and months, when he got bigger. I could almost picture it now. Him so big he couldn't get touch himself or leave this bed... I groaned at the thought and slammed into him hard, shifting my hand to stroke his dick. He'd been so good, I couldn't deprive him of pleasure this time. I licked my lips and thrust into him harder and harder, stroking his dick firmer.

He came hard over his belly, the thought of which, as well as his clenching insides, was enough to set me over the edge too. "So fucking good..." I muttered as I pulled out of him, my dick slick with cum. "Now be a good boy and clean me off." I moved around the bed and presented my softening cock to him. "Then I'll get you some more food."

The incentive made him lick me clean faster than I expected.


After a few months I stood looking down at Jay. He was now so big he couldn't get out of the bed, just as I wanted. The sex was fucking amazing, even better now then it was that first time. I licked my lips and smiled down at him. "It's time for you to leave this room."

He looked at me as if I was crazy. An appropriate reaction considering how large he was now. I ran my fingers over his stomach briefly, reaching down and pressing the brake switch under the bed with my food. He'd probably not noticed the bed had wheels. None of them did until it started rolling. "The fuck.."

I smiled and pulled the bed from the wall, getting behind it and rolling it out of the room. It wasn't that had for me, but my muscles certainly helped to keep it on a stable course as I rolled him along the corridor to a door at the other end. I could see him looking at the other doors we past, likely curious about them. "Time to meet your brothers." I smirked, before pushing him through the door.

The room beyond was considerably larger than the one he'd been in previously and it had to be. I wheeled him into position, beside the three beds already there and put the brake on again. "These are your brothers now." I nodded to them and he followed my gaze, waving shyly at the other three fat men. "The one in the first bed is called Matt. The one in the midde is Padge. The one next to you is Moose." I smirked at him and stroked his hair, which was now long. "You didn't think you were my first did you?" I chuckled and patted his belly. "Why did you think I did this?" I reached down, running his fingertips over the brand on his arse. "Four, because you're fourth." realisation spread across his face and I smiled. "Now I'll let you get to know each other." I looked at the others, my cock swelling a little. "Boys, this is Jay. Have fun."

I turned and left, knowing they'd no doubt be hungry. Hopefuly they'd get on as well as I hoped they would.


I sat in the shadows again. Watching, waiting. Four was a nice number, though I felt five was a much rounder one and I did like round things. I sat back, straightening my police uniform as I waited for the man that would become my fifth. I had a feeling I'd get lucky tonight, the same feeling that I'd had before getting the others.

I took it as a good sign.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, funeral for a friend, jay james, jay james/rich boucher, rich boucher, slash
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