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Come Here You Naughty Girl

Come Here You Naughty Girl
Pairing: Jay James/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Prompt: 2: Cross-dressing
Warnings: Crossdressing, toys
Notes: I blame aerogroupie for unintentionally inspiring me with this.

"Such a pretty girl." I purred, running a hand up the smooth skin of his bare thigh. He really did look so pretty. Short, black skirt that went to just above his knees. I caught a glimpse of his purple lace panties. Covering his upper half was a corset, tied tight to show off his curves. He wore make up, but not too much. Pale blue eyeshadow, eyeliner, pale lipstick.

I licked my lips, stepping back a few paces so he could stand. "Up."

He smiled a little and stood, the heels he wore making him a little taller than usual so that he was about eye level with me. I scanned him up and down once more, managing to resist the urge to bend him over and bang him right there.

He made such a pretty girl. Sometimes I wondered what he'd look like with the addition of tits. I spent more than a few nights thinking about it. Sometimes he'd have big tits, sometimes he'd have smaller ones. I'd never been able to decide which suited him best. Perhaps I'd give him some someday.

I shook such thoughts from my head, deciding to return the focus to him. I shifted my hand, palming myself through my jeans. I undid my fly, smirking. "Come here you naughty girl." I beckoned him closer, watching him sway his hips as he moved. "You're such a tease." I reached up and gripped his dark locks, pushing him down. "You look so beautiful down on your knees." He gazed up at me, batted his eyelids for a moment, then leaned in and took my cock between his sweet lips. I pushed his head down onto my dick, groaning as he took it like it was nothing. I was so fucking glad he lacked a gag reflex, especially since most people had trouble taking me. Jay could always do it in one go. "Fuck, good girl."

I felt him smile around me as he started to bob up and down. He sucked, lapped and slurped on my length like the needy little whore he was. I relaxed my grip on his hair, letting him set his own pace for awhile, just enjoying the feel of him. He hummed around my cock, making me shudder. He was so fucking good at giving head he should have a career in it.

After fuck knows how long, I pushed him away, panting heavily as I slapped his face with my dick. "Over the bed bitch, I wanna fuck your cunt." He nodded and he silently went back to the bed, swaying his hips again which made his arse shake just right. I pushed my jeans down my legs, kicking them away so they wouldn't get in the way, before striding over to him. Once I was stood behind him I pushed his skirt up to reveal the thin fabric of his underwear. I licked my lips, then pushed the material down, not all the way, just enough to expose the curve of his arse. I yanked out the plug he'd inserted inside himself before dressing and tossed it onto the bed beside him. I smiled at the sight of his opening, all stretched and ready for me.


I lined myself up with his opening and thrust hard into him, smirking as he let out a low groan. His hands gripped onto the bedsheets tighter, his pretty ass pushing back against me as I pounded him. "Fucking slut." I growled, my hands moving up his clothed back to grip his hair again, pulling his head back sharply as I fucked him. "Such a sexy girl." I smirked, my other hand running over his corset.

I pulled his hair back a little more as he squirmed beneath me, then I leaned in close to his ear. "I bet you want your boy clit played with huh slut?" He squirmed more, pressing his arse back eagerly. I felt him try to nod in my grip and I licked along the curve of his neck.

"Please..." He whimpered, sounding so desperate and needy. I smirked and slammed hard into him in response.

"Maybe I will." I reached around, rubbing him through the panties. "You'll earn this later." He whimpered at what that could mean, then he pushed into my hand like the eager whore he was. I fucked him harder, my fingers rubbing against his bulge as I slammed into him. "Fuck." I hissed, knowing I'd be close to spilling just to his twitching insides. He felt better than anyone else I'd ever fucked.

I smirked as I felt him cum in his panties, his bulge twitching as he stained them. "Dirty little whore." I muttered, but I wasn't sure if he heard me, not that it mattered. I dug my nails into the fleshy cheeks of his ass, slamming into him a few last times as he clenched around me. "Fuck.." I growled, thrusting one last time before shooting hard into him.

"Such a good girl..." I purred, sliding out of him and taking a moment to look down at him. "Mmmm your pussy looks so good like that..." I ran my fingers over his leaking hole, bringing them around so he could lap at them clean. I grasped the plug with my other hand, shoving it back inside him hard. I pulled his panties back up, grinning as it covered the visible base. "There. Pretty girl." I paused and licked my lips lightly. "Now, down while I come up with a fitting way for you to earn what I gave you."

"Yes sir." I smiled as she got down on his knees, gazing up at me and waiting nervously. I'd come up with something fitting. Once I'd caught my breath.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/padge, padge, slash
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