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Children are odd

I'm updating and it's not been a week yet! And it's a non-fic post!

MCR people, if you don't already know, the rayguns are on the site for $35 each. There's also this cool looking watch which is way too much.

Also Doctor Who trailers ftw! I want the rest of the series now! Angels and Silence and Cybermen.

And Clone Wars clips of awesome!

In two weeks I'll be at saur's for Dir En Grey though I'm mainly going now to stare at Kit the axolotl forever and ever and ever.

I got my tattoo priced Monday so now I can start saing. ETA for it? October at the latest.

Today has been eventful. I had to be up early, which meant I caught the postman (more on that latter). So a few weeks back mum suggested I take two of the stick insects to her playgroup to show the kids, but with funny weather, MCR and her graduation, it got put off. So today I took them down. I also took the guinea pigs too cause I thought they'd want something they could actually touch too.

So I went down with this big box and sat there until they finished their snacks and then they all came over and strked them. I was surprised that they all managed to behave and be gentle and not scare Ian and Sean (they got so much attention). I suspect a lot of parents are gonna get asked to get some. (Some parents even stroked them too as they picked up their kids since I was by the door.)

So yeah, eventful for animals.

Anyway, back to the post. So aerogroupie sent me a package of awesome which came today!

This is what was in it:

She made some awesome choices. Tepig and Snivy where my starts on White and Black (respectively). The one Pokemon booster had Klink and Joltik, while the other had the other Joltik and two rares instead of one! The Magic deck (which she got due to no boosters being there) is the one I wanted most! Plus the booster inside had Sorin's Thirst which I really wanted (in fact it was the first card in the pack which made me squee!).

I've yet to look at the two Johnny comics yet (due to being around children) but I will soonish. Just yay!

Off to read fic and then watch Futurama.
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