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It's a five hour drive away from interesting

Now to make a random ramble post.

Monday I went with mum to see the last Harry Potter. I thought it was pretty awesome, although some characters didn't get as much time as I'd have liked. Like Luna, cause I like her. Also the 3D effect wasn't the best. There was only one point where it was noticeable.

The rest of the week was spent not doing too much (at least not that I can recall now).

Thursday was Torchwood which was better than the first week. I still really hate the CIA guy. The bit on the plane was funny. Yes Jack's life was being threatened, but it was pretty funny. My current theories as to who is behind it? Either a: aliens that want us to become useless and run out of resources or b: drug companies that wanna make money from the increased need of drugs.

Friday we went to see the Staffordshire hoard, though it was a bit lacking. Although the stuff there was nice. So shiny and pretty. Got a few packs of Magic cards from Gamestation so I spent an hour sorting through the ones I had and making decks for the other colours.

I've been playing Silent Hill and I finished it last night. It's good and has some really great uses of the wiimote (as a torch, as a phone, to interact with stuff). But the Nightmare stuff is real evil. Running around in the dark with these... things coming after you that you can't kill... it's evil.

Now that I've done that I'll be going on Guitar Hero or something. I do plan on going on Zelda games over the summer. Majora's Mask or Wind Waker or Twilight Princess. I just need to decide which to go on first. Though I may start the Ocarina Master Quest too, since I haven't yet.

Also yay for Comic Con! So much cool stuff coming out (including exclusives that I need to bribe Americans for) and also so much awsome stuff about the new Clone Wars series. Topless Kit! Death Watch! Cad Bane! Nightsisters! Mon Calamari!
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