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Pairing: Jay James/Rich Boucher
Rating: NC-17
POV: Rich
Prompt: 27: Tattooing
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: For lc_ffaf cause of her awesome fic

There were many attractive men in Wales, however most lacked other traits that I required. A few times I almost gave up my search, but I persisted. It was how I ended up meeting him. I'd met him in a bar and he'd been wearing quite the outfit. It was mostly tight black rubber, with a collar around his neck. I licked my lips at the memory. I'd taken him home for a good screwing but found out he fitted my other needs as well.

I looked down at him now, sprawled over my bed naked and smirked. He had a black rubber hood on around his head, which he wore every night, but he was otherwise nude. His limbs were stretched out, cuffed to the bed posts. He always looked so perfect laid out like that, so slutty, which was appropriate because he was such a whore. His cock was as hard as mine, achy and needy, although his was pressed against the bed sheets. I gave mine a quick squeeze, then went over to get my tools.

Strictly speaking they weren't mine. I'd borrowed them from a friend. Well, borrowed wasn't the right word exactly. We'd come to an arrangement. I wasn't sure my slut would be pleased by that arrangement but it hardly mattered. It got what I wanted. I licked my lips lightly, shifting closer and giving his arse cheek one last, quick wipe before getting started. I lifted up the tattoo gun, feeling it's weight for a few moments before starting it up and pressing it against his skin.

It wasn't too difficult to do what I wanted, but I was glad for my steady hand as I inked his flesh. I'd wanted to do this myself, rather than get someone else to as I thought such a thing defeated the whole purpose. He was mine and I wanted to mark him as my own myself.

Once I was satisfied with it I tuned the machine off, set it back down and smiled, giving the freshly inked skin another, gentler wipe. It would be awhile before I'd be able to do anything with him, but that was ok. I could wait.


I gave myself just over a week. It wasn't exactly easy, resisting the urge to pound the little slut's ass, especially as the plump cheeks now beared my mark. Now, however, I was just too needy. Blow jobs were fine, especially since he was so fucking good at them, but what I really needed was good, hard fuck.

Hence why he was bent over, rounded cheeks high in the air. His ass was filled with a dildo almost as big as my cock, so I wouldn't have to work him open. I grasped the flared base of the toy, pulling it out of him steadily. It was hard to resist the urge to just rip the thing out of him. I cast the dark rubber aside, lining up with his opening. I didn't ask if he was ready, I didn't need to. Instead I just thrust hard into him, smirking at the grunt he made in response.

"Mmmm you still feel good you dirty little slut." I gripped onto his sides, starting to pound hard into his tight ass. My hands moved up his body, over his rounded features to his hair, pulling his long locks back hard. "Slut. Begging for my cock every day like the whore you are." I thrust deep and hard into him, growling low in his ear. "Don't worry, you'll never have to go through a dry spell like that again."

"Mmm yes sir..." He whispered, but I made sure to slam into him hard again to cut him off. Not that I didn't like his desperation, but it wasn't something I wanted to hear now. I shifted my other hand around his waist, feeling his hard cock twitch as I fucked him. He'd been ringed since before I'd inked him so I was sure he was as desperate as I was to cum. Not yet though. Once I felt he'd earned it, then he'd cum again. Shouldn't take the slut too long.

I groaned low in my throat as he squeezed around my length, desperate to make me spill. I was glad to have one so desperate to please me. "Little slut..." I moved my hand around him, my fingers ghosting over his new ink, the black, sylised r that I'd made to mark him as mine. I hissed in pleasure as he squeezed around me again, feeling myself get closer. "Fuck..." I growled slapping his fresh ink and smirking at the sound he made.

I gave him a few more hard thrusts before releasing into him, pulling out just in time for the last of it to decorate the ink. I smirked and grabbed my camera phone, taking a shot as the white droplets rolled over the tattoo. I snapped a shot, knowing it would be my new wallpaper. "Good slut." I purred, wiping the excess cum from my cock over the ink, snapping another pic for good mesure. I patted his other ass cheek lightly before shifting away. "Keep it up and you'll be orgasming again in no time."

"Yes sir." I grinned at him and left him there. Now that he was good enough to fuck it was time to arrange the payment for that equipment.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, funeral for a friend, jay james, jay james/rich boucher, rich boucher, slash
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