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The Initiation

The Initiation
Pairing: Brendon Urie/Dallon Weekes/Spencer Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Dallon
Warnings: Crossdressing, watersports.
Notes: For aerogroupie's birthday, even though I fail and this is late. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I stretched slightly as I entered the hotel room, glad that the time had come for us to spend a few days off our touring schedule. There'd be time for me to sleep, shower and generally just enjoy a few days outside of the cramped space of the bus. Touring was awesome, but sometimes a little normality was a good thing.

I blinked as I set my bag down, noting that the was a box on the room's sole bed with a note on top of it. The box was a regular cardboard one, which looked like it had been taken from a merch booth due to it's size. I lifted the note, trying to decipher the writing towards the top. Other than my name at the top I couldn't understand a word, the scrawl clearly done by an over-eager Brendon. Thankfully below Spencer had took over, either translating of writing something completely different, I was unsure.

Come to our room at 10pm. Wear what's in this box and only what's in this box.

We'll be waiting

I blinked in confusion, then set the note down and proceeded to open the box.


I felt ridiculous. How else was I supposed to feel? In the box had been a t-shirt that was so small it shown off my belly, as well as a skirt that didn't even come to my knees. Beneath that I wore a pair of black lacy panties which, I had to admit, felt quite nice around my dick. They'd also got me high heels shoes, although the heels were, thankfully, not too high. I wondered how they'd managed to even find such shoes in my size. The two of the three other items that had been inside, a cock ring, butt plug were in their place with the final one, a blindfold, was in my hand. I couldn't have made their way to their room with it on.

I swallowed and knocked on the door, waiting for it to open. "Put it on." I heard a voice mumble from behind the door moments later. I sighed and put the blindfold on, my vision going dark. "Perfect." I heard the door open and felt hands grip me, pulling me into the room. I was manhandled into the room, not sure which of them was doing it. I heard the door close behind me, hands pushing me through the room. After a few steps they stopped moving me, hands stroking my body.

"You look good like this." Brendon murmered and I heard Spencer make a noise of apprval also.

"You might be wondering why you're here." Spencer spoke up and I nodded, unsure if I should even speak. "We decided that you're going to be an official member of the band. As such you'll be subject to interviews, photoshoots and everything else just like us."

"And, when we start recording again you'll be part of the process." Brendon chimed in, excitement clear in his voice.

"Yeah." Spencer paused and I felt a hand edge up under the skirt. "But now, now is your initiation..."

"Which was totally my idea!"

"Which was totally Brendon's idea." I suspected Spencer was giving him some kind of sidelong glance for interrupting him. "Now on your knees."

I shifted, awkwardly, onto my knees. It was harder than I would've expected, partly due to the heels and partly due to the blindfold, but I managed. Hands were on me again, pulling the t-shirt off me and moving my arms up above my head to allow it's removal. "Stay still and don't move." Spencer spoke up once my hands were by back my bare sides. I bit my lip, staying as still as I could. They moved but obviously not far away. I could still sense their closeness and I coud still kinda smell them a little. Maybe it was true what they said about other senses being heightened when one was gone.

After a few more moments, which was mostly silence punctuated by heavy breathing from their end, I heard one of them let out sigh. This was immediately followed by a something hot splashing against my chest. Seconds later there was a similar stream coming from my left, this one hitting my face and hair. I closed my eyes, despite the blindfold as I felt it soak my skin and hair. I knew they were pissing on me. It could well be anything else unless they'd decided to bring hose pipes with them. That and it certainly smelled like piss. I squirmed a little, my tapped dick twitching as it soaked through the thin material of the skirt and the thinner material of the panties. I let out a low groan, which made both of them chuckle and redirect their streams, making sure that no area of my skin was left dry. Well, it certainly felt like that anyway.

After what felt like forever (what the fuck had they drank to make them piss so much?) the flow finally stopped, first from one, then the other, although I wasn't sure who was who anymore. One of them wiped their dick against my cheek, while the other did the same to my shoulder.

"You look even better like that." Brendon whispered, voice breathless. Spencer let out an approving grunt and then they went quiet, moving around.

After a few moments of silence I felt a hand in my sodden hair, pushing me down. I braced myself with both arms, so I was now on all fours. Another hand pushed my skirt up, pulling the panties down. "Look at that ass." Spencer whispered and I felt his eyes burning into me. "So pretty and round." One of them slapped my ass hard, making me yelp in surprise as much as pain. He chuckled and there was another slap, this time to my other cheek. A few more rained down n my ass, each hit making me squirm and making the plug inside me shift. It caught my spot, making me shudder in pleasure.

"See, I told you he'd like it." I heard Brendon's voice whisper eagerly. "He's a needy little slut."

"Mmmmm." Spencer murmered, more blows raining down on me. I was certain now that it was a mixture of them both, rather than just one of them. Each hit was now making my cock ache more. I was rapidly losing count of the number of blows. It was more than twenty now definitely. Thirty? Forty? Fuck knows how many it was before they decided to stop.

"I think he needs something more."

"Yeah, you're right Spencer." Hands were on me again, pulling my cheeks apart and removing the plug. The plug went somewhere, but it was soon replaced by a cock pressing up against me. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes again, feeling it push eagerly inside me. This wasn't the first cock I'd had inside me. It certainly wasn't the first time I'd had either of them. However it felt different when I couldn't seee them. As they pushed inside me I desperately wanted to know who it was, but I couldn't tell. Maybe if I'd slutted it up a bit more I could, but as it was I had no idea.

There was more movement, this time from the other one of the pair. He rubbed his stiff cock against my face and I had my suspicions who it was just from that. Suspicions confirmed when he spoke. "Suck it Dallon. Suck my dick." I could almost picture Brendon's face as he spoke those words, eyes wide, lips wet, cheeks flushed. I parted my lips and took his head between them, taking as much as I could manage as Spencer began pounding me properly.

Fuck it felt so good to be just... filled. They both moved at a different pace. Spencer moved slightly more steadily while Brendon moved quicker. Brendon's hyperactivity was apparent even during sex, his movements quite fast. He threaded his fingers through my wet hair, gripping tight as he thrust his hips against my face. I relaxed my throat as much as I could, my body jerking between my bandmates.

"I bet you really need to cum now don't you Dallon?" Spencer spoke up, voice as calm and measured as always. "I bet you really want me to take off that nasty ring around your cock." I would've nodded if Brendon wasn't gripping my hair. Hell, I would've begged and pleaded if my mouth wasn't full. "Well if you want to, you have to get Brendon off first."

That wasn't exactly a difficult task, Brendon was easily pleased. I sucked him hard, twisting my tongue around his leaking head. "Fuck... yeah Dallon." Brendon let out breathlessly, hips thrusting against my face. He groaned and it only took a handful of more movements on our part before he spilled down my throat.

Spencer chuckled, his hands snaking around my waist to pull the panties down. "So easy." He purred the words, pulling the rubber ring from my dick and letting it drop to the wet floor. I briefly wondered how they'd explain it to the hotel, then, just as briefly, decided I didn't care. Especially as Spencer was stoking my cock now. Most people that did this weren't that good, Either their rate of fucking slowed or their jacking off was shit. However Spencer managed to maintain both. I suspected it was because he was a drummer, about his need to keep rhythm.

I closed my eyes again, focussing on the pleasure he gave me, which became easy now that Brendon had pulled away to go somewhere else. I kept myself as quiet as possible, just letting out wordless noises of pleasure. Each thrust of Spencer's shapely hips now caused his dick to hit my spot, which eventually just became far too much. I let out a low groan and came over the skirt I still wore, faintly hearing him chuckle behind me before letting go.

For the next few minutes I was in a sort of daze. Spencer let go of my dick and fucked me more urgently, his hand gripping onto my side for leverage. He groaned and slammed deep into me a few more times before climaxng himself.

Only when he pulled out of me and let me crumple to the floor did he remove my blindfold, finally letting me see again. I blinked a few times to adjust to the light, before twisting my head to seek them both out. Both were on the bed, grinning down at me. "Welcome to the band Dallon."

I smiled back at them and nodded briefly, before glancing down at myself. "Errrr, can I take these off now?"
Tags: brendon urie, brendon urie/dallon weekes/spencer smith, dallon weekes, fic, panic! at the disco, slash, spencer smith
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