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Bloody Americans

Not much happened since last post really. I still need to test my games cause I'm a fail like that.

Mum's graduation was Tuesday and it went ok. Though we went with my cusin and he seemsed to copain a lot.

I got a cheap Can-Cell today. Yay! And Who.

3DS has video now! One is called Oscar's Oasis which is pretty funny. It's about this lizard and he's chasing a tennis ball thinking it's an egg. It's a bit like Scrat from Ice Age.

However Pokedex 3D seems to have fucked up and stopped sending Pokemon. Ugh.

Been watching the Potter films in time for Monday. Now on Goblet Of Fire which is one of the ones I remember best for some reason. Maybe cause it has Tennich and the sexy Weasleys.

There's also been three Torchwood Radio plays on Radio 4. Try and hear them, but it's made me miss Ianto more. Out of the three The House Of The Dead is one you should hear the most. Seriously. If you like Torchwood THAT is the one you must hear. Like, now.

Speaking of Torchwood, the first ep was tonight.


As for the episode. Well... it was good. It's kinda setupy which I guess was the point.

Things I did like:
*That there's consequences shown to not dying
*Like the guy that exploded still being alive
*And the death row guy living
*The whole mystery of who's in the choppers etc
*Jack's big gun!
*Jack getting it on with a guy in the series trailer
*That we got a traier for the rest of the series unlike America who just got a next time

Things I didn't:
*The main American guy
*Americans running around like they own the place
*Torchwood just being... gone at the start
*America having Torchwood files. THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE OUR FILES!
*Americans doing their usual not-knowing-Wales-is-seperate-to-England thing again.
*The end seemed a cheap excuse to drag them to America

I' looking forward to where all this is going. It might go we. It might go badly. Who knows.
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