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Colour is dangerous

So the past few days have been busy busy.

Before I start if you're American (and thusly seen Torchwood) I curse ye! I'm wating till Thusday damnit. I hate that it was shown there fire. It's our shown!

Wednesday was a very busy day. I was packing though I hadn't much to pack since it's a short trip. I was also finishing my EMA which was mostly straight forward apart from three questons which were a bit... wtf? So I just guessed and submitted it.

Alos I finished Ocarina Of Time's normal game. Woo! Zelda games, why do you always force Link to miss the awesome end celebrations. I hate that. He's the one that actually saves everyone and he always gets fuck all.

Also finished a random fic idea I had.

Thursday involved me fnishing up packing then coming here (with evil rain). Went to Toys R Us and got some cheap stuff namely a guitar strap, Zam Wesell and Aqua droid.

I met up with Claire in the center and then spent the night doing bingo (and being on Resident evil) which was oddly fun.

Friday was a bit less busy but a bit more random. Frist is that my hair is now brght red. Like, Gerard red. This was done totally randomly cause Claire suggested it so yeah. I now have bright red har.

We then (after Claire's sister came) went into the city and I got Silent Hill from CEX at last and a Who fig from The Entertainer (so the guy who served me quoted it, yay!). Then we went to one of those places with tanks that you put your feet in with garra rufa fish. It was really strange. Although they were naughty fish and nipped at where my foot rubbed against my shoe (I think) and made me bleed a little. Silly fishies.

We then went back to bingo again, but I didn't win. Irritatingly I was only one number off once. Gah!

Today was MCR day. We went to Forbidden Planet foirst cause there was a Potter day. I didn't get anything but got my picture took in the chair they had there (with the sorting hat on and a robe thing whch I'll post whenever Clare uploads em).

Then we went to Camden which was so busy. I always forget how crowded that place gets. I didn't get much, cept a Tokio Hotel single and the latest Guitar Hero (why does CEX have it for only £5?). We had a look round but there wasn't anything real eyecatching.

Then we joined the mad line. We ended up in front of these twins that were so funny and crazy. they didn't really look alike but they were pretty amusing.

My ID was my passport which, as it's old, has the worst picture of me. I don't even have long hair in it. Claire was nice and got me a tee and wristband.

The support band was a bit... eh. Nothing memorable.

Then the gig started proper. I'll list everything else in bullet points.

*Gerard was drinking again. His glass definitely didn't have water in
*Ray was uber-grinny. I love his grin so much.
*Mikey looked pretty
*Gerard rambled drunkenly. Seriously magic mic? Wtf?
*He also spent a lot of time on his knees
*And licking his hands
*And he shook his ass
*And he wore a british flag
*And it was awesome
*Though they didn't play Ghost Of You or Party Posion
*But they did play Vampires

Sadly they didn't come out. Booo.

Ah well. Tomorrow heading home.
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