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On Set

On Set
Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Ricky Rebel
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gerard
Warnings: Porn
Notes: So I had this image in my head last night before I went to sleep and thought 'that'd be a great idea for fic' and thankfully I remembered it to write today. It's a semi-sequel to this. Also it's obviously set during the filming of Na Na Na.
Hopefully this satisfies those that wanted Waycest porn (even though it's Waycest +1)

I had to admit, Ray had made an excellent choice in choosing Ricky as Show Pony. The tight spandex of the outfit I designed clung to his body in all the right ways. Just watching him practise his moves made my dick twitch in my pants. I licked my lips lightly, taking a long drag from my cigarette, staring at his tight body. "Hot isn't he?" I shivered at Mikey's words, not having heard him come up behind me.

"Oh yeah." I nodded, watching as he did a twirl on his skates before us, my eyes on his ass.

"I think he'd look perfect between us." His fingers were on my ass, running over the tight material. "The crew's busy, we could make use of the set..." He trailed off, but I knew exactly what he was implying.

I nodded, moving away from him towards the other man, crushing the remains of my cigarette underfoot. "Hey Ricky right?" He turned to face me, smiling. "Fancy a tour of the set?" I smirked and took his hand, dragging him along before he could reply. I led him towards the diner, knowing Mikey was following behind us without even having to look. The three of us moved in silence until we were inside the building that looked run down. "So, you're gay right?"

"Yeah. Is that a problem?" He responded, turning to watch me carefully.

"Not at all." I smirked, leading him over to one of rear the tables. "It's quite the opposite in fact." I grinned and pushed him over the table easily, moving into position behind him. His ass looked even better in this position. I pulled down his tight pants, pleased by his lack of resistance. Ray had told me he was eager and it was obvious he'd been right.

Mikey had moved around the table, running his fingers through his hair. He gripped his hair, pulled his head back and smirked down at him. "You want this huh slut? You want our cocks don't you?" Ricky nodded, although it was possible it was Mikey moving his head instead but it was hard to tell from here. With the confidence that my brother only seemed to have during these moments he reached down and undid his fly. I followed his lead, undoing my own pants and freeing my own rock hard cock.

I wasn't sure if he'd been fucked recently, though I wouldn't have been surprised if he had, so I pulled apart his ass cheeks and spat at his hole. I smirked at how it twitched at the contact and probed it with two of my fingers just to be sure. They slid into him relatively easily so I knew I was good to go. I glanced at my brother, noting how he was pressing Ricky's head against his balls rather than his cock. "Go on. Fuck him already."

I smirked and nodded in agreement, curving my fingers inside him briefly before withdrawing them from his opening. I lined myself up with him, pushing into him steadily just to be on the safe side. I groaned low in my throat at the feeling of his tight warmth surrounding my dick. "Mmmm Ray was right. You're an amazing piece of ass."

I heard Mikey chuckle. "Now let's see if he was right about your cocksucking skills." I watched as my brother guided his mouth to his cock, making him take it down his mouth. Fuck, there was nothing like watching my baby brother make a sexy guy choke on his dick. It was a sight I'd never get tired of. I started to move, smirking as Ricky gagged a little but it made Mikey let out one of his sexy groans. "Mmmm that's it. If you can take Toro cock you can take mine." The image of Ray's cock stuffed between Ricky's lips filled my mind for a moment and I thrust deep into him as a result. Mikey's grip tightened on his hair, holding the pretty boy's head in place for a few moments before allowing him to start sucking.

I gripped Ricky's ass, starting to fuck him harder now. Each thrust made my raygun jerk in it's holster, the sound being added to the noises we made. "How's it feel to be fucked by rock stars slut?" He groaned around Mikey's dick in response so I slapped his ass. "It's rude to talk with your mouth full whore."

Mikey chuckled again, nodding. "He's right, focus on my dick rather than responding to us. Besides, this is a much better use of our mouth than speech." I watched as Mikey thrust his hips against his face, spitting on the other's clothed back. "Maybe we should invite the others to use him when they're done filming." I nodded eagerly, really needing to see him work on Toro's dick. And I was sure Frank and Steve could be convinced to make use of him too. I licked my lips, groaning low in my throat. The thought of making this sexy boy take so much dick made my cock ache.

Mikey reached over, gripping my bright red locks and pulling me close so he could whisper low in my ear. "I can tell you're close brother, I can see it in your eyes." I moaned at his words, nodding as I thrust my hips. "You're not gonna cum before me though, know why?" I shook my head a little and felt his tongue lap at my ear. "Because if you do when I get the others after the shoot, you'll be sat in the corner, hands bound, blindfolded with your mask on." I moaned but nodded and he pulled away, releasing my hair and returning his attention to Ricky.

I slowed my thrusts to stop myself shooting too soon. Between the thoughts racing through my head, the feel of Ricky's ass and the sight of by brother getting his cock sucked I was already pretty close. However I managed to hold back, just about. Thankfully, though, I didn't have to wait too long. After a few more mnutes I got to watch Mikey pull out and spill his load across Ricky's face which was enough to send me over the edge as well, my load filling his insides.

The three of us panted as I pulled out, taking Mikey's place so he could lick my cock clean before zipping myself up. "Mmmmm you were good Ricky. Better than most I'd say." Mikey paused to pat his head.

"Thanks." Ricky straightened up, pulling his pants up. An obvious smear of white on the table indicated he'd came too without being touched. Slut. "That was amazing."

Mikey leaned in close and whispered in his ear, though it was loud enough fro me to listen in without having to shift closer. "If you think that's amazing just wait until tonight."
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way/ricky rebel, mikey way, my chemical romance, ricky rebel, slash
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