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One under a vast lake

Well Tuesday's come and gone and it went better than expected. I was essentially offline for the day (it was the first anniversary of my nan's death) and spent it heading to the cemetary, having Dominos (nom) and on Zelda.

I ended up doing the Fire Temple, Well Of Three Features, Ice Cavern and Water Temple (which is quite a lot I know). I do not know why people complain about the last one so much. I've never had much trouble with it (and nomnom Dark Link). My only complaint is that you go in to deal with a curse and, althugh you finish it, that curse is not reversed. To me that curse is the most depressing/worst thing Ganon does in the whole game. The worst. So for it not to be solved (when every other curse is) really makes me sad.

But other than that, seeing Sheik and perving on him three times makes me happy. Navi is infuriating (and I never thought that before).

Sticking with Zelda, Skyward sword looks (and sounds) so awesome. Also sticking with Zelda I'm craving going on the other games. I'll have to download Link's Awakening and I may end up going on Majora's Mask/Wind Waker/Twilight Princess over summer. And maybe Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks if only for the ANOUKI OF CUTE!!

The Wii U looks awesome too. After being skeptical, having a good overview of the new remote makes me think it sounds pretty awesome. After all, it's a remote. with. a. screen.

Also, yay! The Zelda soundtrack is sorted.

Mum found my Pokemn Black awhile ago and it infuriates me because it was somewhere I'd looked three times! Was it in another dimension? Gah!

Mikeysaur is awesome, since he found a solution to my Dsi's dying that didn't involve sending it off for costly repairs so IT WORKS AGAIN YAY!

Surprisingly the charity shop across the road. So I have to go and grab some others (Witchblade, Guyver and Tecno... something) soon. I already got the one I was familiar with (Gantz).

Did food shopping yesterday which was so fucking tiring. Also Kerrang is really amusing (for the BVB interview) and Metal Hammer's BVB made me smile too (mostly how the magazine defended them and called out naysayers).

Today we went taste testing, which was pastas in sauce. Two had meat in but I avoided eating it. So it went ok and I earned £10.

I seem to have attracted silly bugs. On Tuesday I rescued a sick bee from the middle of the path. Yesterday a pretty moth came into the house and fluttered about. Today I rescued a poor butterfly (that was minus a wing :() onto safer ground and did the same with a pretty caterpillar.

I've started my EMA for my course and I've got till the end of the month, but I'm aiming to finish it but next week. I had major glee when I got to question 4 a ii because it was all about finding life on Europa! I only spent a whole lunchtime thinking about it once I got to the Europa setion of the book. If I become a scientist that'll be my pet project. I might even do a marine biology course.

Watched 3rd Rock From The Sun on dvd (case I got a boxset when I was down south) and I wish I had the last series now. I'll have to keep my eyes open.

We have a halogen oven now. It came today in a huge box, so we can now have oven things again! Hurrah!

There's some new 3DS trailers on the 3DS. All of whch have some interest. One I've got (Zelda), one I'm definitely getting (Resident Evil) and the rest are maybes (Starfox which makes me think of Star Wars, Mario Kart, Mario).

Me and mum have become closer. We've fought less and talked more, which is good but odd

The other week I randomly grabbed the paper off the bus. Mum looked through it and saw two comps in it, which I ended up doing. So I won one of the two and I'm going to it next week, woo!

Off now, cause I'm so tired. I was going to get something from upstairs, but I've completely blanked on what it was now.
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