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No Need For Introductions

No Need For Introductions
Pairing: Andy Six/Matt Good, Ashley Purdy/Sean Smith
POV: Sean
Rating NC-17
Warnings: Porn, slight bondage
Notes: Sequel to As Expected. antontobias86 really wanted this, but I was reluctant to do it. However, cause Saur found a solution to my DS problem (so t now works horrah!) I decided to cae and do it.

I found out the name of man that watched us after a few more drinks. He was Ashley, Andy's bandmate. Matt hadn't been surprised he watched us, he told me he was a bit of a perv.

After another drink I got him to get Andy over, who had Ashley in tow. By the time we finished our drink we'd arranged to go back to their hotel. We'd gotten one more than I'd expected, but Ashley wasn't unattractive so it was all good.

Thankfully their hotel was just around the corner, a handy case of foresight by them, so we didn't have far to go which was probably for the best. We shared a very messy kisses in the short trip up. Hands wandered a little, but I didn't get too into it, knowing the safety of the room was only a short trip away. Andy used his card key to open the door and, once it was we all piled inside. The room beyond was a pretty standard rom. Nice enough, with two beds and the standard set of furniture you'd expect from such a place. There were bags discarded across the floor, the contents of some spilled across the carpet.

But I hadn't come here for the room, I'd come for the company. Clothing was already being quickly removed by the others, so I followed suit. It was only when we'd all managed to get topless that Andy in spoke up, in that oddly deep voice of his. "How are we going to do this?"

"I think it's obvious." Ashley smirked and I watched, undoing my flies and pushing my trousers down as he spoke. "After all, these sluts got themselves all nice and ready for us..." I gawped at his words, but before I could respond he'd crossed the gap between us, his smirk growing. With his black studded belt in hand, he kissed me hard, sucessfully distracting me while his hands wrapped the belt around my wrists, pulling it tight around them.

He pushed me back towards the nearest bed, straddling me easily. His dick was aching, pressing against my bare leg. "Now Sean, I've been hard since that little display of yours and I knew I had to fuck you." He flashed me a grin, leaning down and dragging his teeth along my neck. I moaned, glancing sidelong at the other bed, which was now occupied by Andy and Matt, the pair exchanging hot, hungry kisses. My view was broken by Ashley grabbing my hair and twisted my head to face him. "Focus on me slut! Not those two, me." He growled and hopped off me, peeling his tight, dark trousers off his legs. Like me, he'd felt no need to wear underwear so his dick sprung out right away. He licked his lips and returned to me, pulling my legs apart and getting between them.

He repositioned my legs, pushing my knees to my chest so my ass was exposed for him. He leaned in close to me, pressing himself against my crack. He smirked, holding onto the backs of my thighs as he sank into me with no warning. I wasn't terribly surprised by that, he seemed like a 'get down to buisness' kinda guy. I bit my lip, keeping as quiet as possible as he began to fuck me. As I'd have expected he was rough and fast, getting into it right away.

I heard Matt making moans from the other bed, so assumed that Andy was in him too, but I didn't want to risk so much as a glance in his direction. I had a feeling Ashley was the kind of guy that would definitely find a way of punishing me for disobedience. So instead of looking over I found myself looking at him. He had ink on his arms, though it was obscured by smears of lack 'war paint' that his band seemed to wear. The most obvious tattoo he had was the outlaw tattoo over his belly button. Make up covered his neck and face. His whole look made my dick ache and I wished I could touch myself. I wiggled my hands, but a mix of the belt holding them in place and my own weight pressing against them. His hands were busy holding my legs down and apart, so he could slam into me easily.

Eventually the speed and force of his thrusts made me release moans. His dick caught my spot regularly, making my hips jerk up. My cock ached all the more now, my length trapped between my legs. I bit my lower lip, resisting the urge to look over at the source of the other moans in the room. It was getting harder now, especially since the pair of them were getting louder. They weren't just moaning but there were the sounds of skin on skin. I was so desperate to look but I forced myself not to.

Instead I kept my eyes on Ashley, watching him intently as he slammed in and out of me. Moans left his pretty face, his eyes fixed on me. His hands held onto me tighter, a smirk breaking out over his lips. "I bet you want me to stroke your dick wouldn't you?" I nodded, letting out an embarassingly needy whimper. He chuckled, shifting his hand slightly. "You'll earn this." I squirmed slightly at the implication of his words, but before I could give it much thought he had his hand around my dick, stroking steadily. It didn't take much attention for me to spurt across my chest, my cheeks flushing bright red at how little I needed.

He chuckled, wiping his hand over my face and thrusting a few more times before pulling out. I swallowed, watching him shift up my body so his cock was level with my face. He stroked himself quickly, only requiring a handful of the movements himself before plastering my face in his cum. "Mmmm much better." He grinned and sat on the bed, rolling me onto my side to free my hands. The movement turned me to face the others, but I'd missed all the action now. The pair were laying next to each other, panting softly.

"You were a good fuck."Asshley purred in my ear, running a hand down my side. "I guess what they say about the Welsh is true. You are all sluts." I couldn't really respond to him, partly because I knew he was right but mostly because he was nipping at his neck with his teeth. "But that's ok. I like banging sluts."
Tags: andy six, andy six/matt good, ashley purdy, ashley purdy/sean smith, black veil brides, drugs, fic, matt good, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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