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The local time is five years in the future

I seem to have been ficcing a lot, which is odd since I have Ocarina which I expected to resut in me ficcing less. I've not been on it in awhile. I have got as far as the Forest Temple. When I next go on it'll be Epona and tracking down beans and then the Fire Temple.

Went to the carnival yesterday which waspointless since it was eh. Though mum's boss gave her cakes, pepsi and a bottle of wine from the tombola so it's all good.

I've been watching Camelot but I'm not sure about it yet. We've mostly been comparing it to Merlin, though I'm unsure while it's Morgan in Camelot and Morgana in Merlin.

Main irritation of the last few days was today. I went to go on my DSi (cause I do it daily for Dragon Quest) and it wouldn't come on. After trying plenty of times, a code eventually appeared on the top screen. A code which has been dubbed 'the code of death' on at least one message board. The only solution is to send it to be repaire, which doesn't bode well. It also wants proof of purchase, which has led to a massive search for the reciept which of course is missing. Gah!

So gah, that's just.... beyond annoying. I knew I should've transfered all my downloaded games to my 3ds but I didn't cause it meant losing save data. Gah!

It's also took me the better part of an hour to sort mum's dsi so I can do the Dragon Quest downloads on hers.

We have a makeshift pond in the garden now (inspired by the Springwatch thing) and it has life in it! They're like... black squiggles, but there's a lot of them (at least 20). I'm not entirely sure what they are. They might be larva of some sort.

Yay for New York voting in gay marriage! Let's give them cookiees.

Here's some hot Andy/ashley porn, go read!

Can't think of anythign else to ramble about so I'll leave it there.
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