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Perchance To Dream

Perchance To Dream
Pairing: Link/Sheik
Rating: NC-17
POV: Link
Warnings: None really
Notes: Vague spoilers up to post-Forest Temple. See, I knew I'd end up doing a Link/Sheik fic when I got Ocarina 3D so here it is. Who knows, maybe I'll do some more later. (Oddly I've been going slow on it and not been on in awhile.)

I stepped into my old home, glancing around the space. It seemed so much smaller now. Considering I'd been gone for seven years the place looked surprisingly clean. In fact it looked just the way I'd left it. I ran my fingers over a counter, walking towards the bed before sitting on the edge of it.

Sheik had told me to come here, to dream. Since it felt like I'd not slept in forever, I'd took him up on his advice. I laid back, curling up on the small space and drifting off, sleep taking me.


I looked around at my new surroundings. Although Sheik had told me to expect monsters I was actually in a house, or what looked like one. I glanced around the space, seeing counters and tables, another bed, a small stove. The walls were covered in scraps of paper, much like Impa's house, although these seemed to mostly be songs. Sprawled across the central table were my items: my bomb bag, my hookshot and my newly acquired bow. There were also a few items that looked unfamiliar to me.

It took a few minutes to realise I wasn't alone. Sheik was there, studying me with those deep red eyes of his. He looked as he had the few times I'd seen him. His outfit was the same, purple jumpsuit with the bandages and Sheikah eye on his chest. "Ah you're awake." He came over to me, sitting on the edge of the bed. He placed his hand on my leg, moving it up slowly. I swallowed, though it didn't feel strange for him to be touching me like that. His other hand reached up, pulling the bandage that covered the lower half of his face down so I got my first look at his lips. He was smiling and in a few seconds, his lips were on mine. It felt strange, but it also felt right in a strange way.

My first kiss being with a strange man who I knew next to nothing about. In a dream no less. I kissed him back, slow and shy. His hand shifted to my hair, which made me realise my hat was gone, but I didn't mind that much. I squirmed at his touch feeling... strange. Like my clothing was getting tighter below my waist. His other hand had moved higher, cupping that tightness and stroking it, which only increased that tightness. His lips twitched against mine before breaking the kiss. "Let me take care of that." The words came out as a whisper from him before he shifted again.

His hands pulled my tunic up, pushing down my undergarments. The tightness was relieved, but there was still an ache there. Sheik smiled, pushing my legs apart before leaning down, taking a part of me into his mouth, the part that ached. I didn't know it's name, as I hadn't thought to ask what it was when I'd been in the forest. Now all I wanted was a name and for Sheik not to stop doing what he was doing to it. I looked down, trying to see clearly what he did, but my tunic blocked my view of him. All I saw was his head bobbing up and down, his lips sliding along me. It was the best feeling I'd felt in a long time, which wasn't sayng much really. My recent life had involved an awful lot of running and attacks from monsters of various kinds.

I settled back on the bed, one hand gripping the sheets while the other held the bandage that covered his hair. I felt his lips twitched around me, moving steadily up and down. Groans left my lips, though they weren't sounds of pain like I'd made recently. "Sheik..." His name came out as a breathless whisper and I wasn't even sure why I'd said it. He seemed to take it to mean go faster, as his head bobbed up and down a little more. His lips squeezed around me, making me groan louder, my eyelids fluttering shut for a few seconds.

After awhile, I felt a strange sort of tightness in my stomach. I felt the urge to thrust against Sheik's face, not really sure why. I held back on it for as long as I could, but soon it became a desperate need and I couldn't help but do just that. Sheik didn't seem to mind, indeed, he kept moving as if nothing had changed. I found myself gripping onto his wrapping a little tighter as well.

"Ugh... Sheik..." I let out a low groan, arched up off the bed and felt myself release, the feeling in my stomach dissipating. I panted softly, falling back against the covers, watching as Sheik pulled away from me, licking his soft, wet lips.

"You taste so good..." He smiled, breaching the gap between us to plant his lips on mine...


I awoke, blinking as my eyes adjusted to the familiar sight of my room again. Such a strange dream, but not in the way I'd been expecting. When I sat up I realised my crotch felt strangely sticky, but I ignored it, standing and stretching my limbs. Now I looked forward to my next encounter with Sheik. If I remembered what he sad in the Temple Of Time right, my next destination would be Death Mountain. Hopefully I'd see him there.
Tags: fic, link, link/sheik, sheik, slash, the legend of zelda
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