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The Training Room

The Training Room
Pairing: Ichigo Kurosaki/Renji Abarai
POV: Ichigo
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Technically underage sex (although how old is Ichigo anyway?)
Notes: Set towards the end of season 4 (I can't recall the number of the exact episode though). First Bleach fic so I'm not sure if it'll a: be any good and b: be read by more than one person.

We'd spent the past few hours fighting. Jumping, dodging, clashing blades, yelling insults at one another. But now I was tiring of fighting and craving other things. I panted heavily, staring at Renji, my former foe turned ally. I stared at him and him at me. "What? What're you staring at?"

"Nothing." I lowered my blade. "How about we take a break?"

He nodded in agreement and, after a few moments, he was beside me seated on the floor. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure." He tilted his head, running his hand absently through his bright red hair.

"Do you guys have sex?" He looked at me, raising an eyebrow a little. It was a legitimate question, one I'd wondered about for awhile but never felt like I could ask. After all, most of the soul reapers I'd met had been more interested in fighting than conversation, at least at the time.

"Yeah, we do." He paused and tilted his head to one side. "Aren't you a little young to be asking that though?"

I shrugged slightly in response. "I know about sex."

"Oh? Is that from knowledge or experience?" I swallowed and he smirked, shifting closer to me. "The only real knowledge is experience." He grinned, pushing me onto my back against the dirt. Before I could really react he was on top of me, straddling my waist. I blinked dumbly at him and he grinned down at me. "Well do you want a new experience or not?"

"Of course I do!" I growled, more out of pride than anything, and locked eyes with him. "Do it."

"As you wish." He stood up, much to my disappointment until he started doing his robe. I studied him with wide eyed curiousity as he shed his clothing. I wasn't too surprised by the prescence of more tattoos covering his skin. They matched the ones on his face, black and angular lines that went down his body. He was fully naked in moments, his robes scattered across the floor. He didn't look much different to other guys I'd seen naked, not that I'd expected him to look that much different. "Are you just gonna lay there?"

It took a moment to realise what he meant before I began removing my own clothing, blushing a little as he stared at me. Once I was naked he got back on me, grinning down at me. "Ready?"

"Don't I need.." I made a motion with my fingers and he flashed me a grin.

"Well I guess we would if you were in your human body..." He chuckled, parting my legs with his hands. "Humans are so quaint like that." I watched as he thrust into me, my head tipping back as his full length filled me up with surprising ease. "See, no problem." He held onto me and started to move steadily, looking down at me. "Now if you were in your body, I'd have to do so much work to get in this deep." I moaned, pushing back against him, surprised by how good he felt. I'd seen porn and knew sex was supposed to be good but this?

Above me Renji smirked, reaching down to take my dick in hand. "This your first time huh?" I nodded, arching into his hand. He licked his lips, slamming into me. "Surprising."

"Why?" I asked, slightly breathless already.

"I've seen the way you look at that Quincy boy." I felt myself flush and he grinned more. "I knew it! No wonder you wanted to save him so bad." I growled, about to protest, but he caught something inside me that made me moan instead. "Don't worry, I'm sure he'd be more than happy to take you up the ass once this whole Bount thing is out of the way." I just grunted in response, unable to form any words in response.

He pulled out all the way and rolled me onto my belly, slamming hard into me again. The renewed angle felt even better. "Ugh stop talking..." I whispered, finding my voice at last.

Renji chuckled, running his hands over my bare back. "As you wish." He spat on me instead, slamming hard into my body. I knew we'd end up doing this again at some point, once things returned to normal. Well, as normal as things got now. I groaned as he caught that spot again, my eyes lidding as I grasped at the dirt.

We carried on like this, the only sounds either of us made being groans, growls and grunts. His hands kept moving over my body, mostly on my back though they occasionally my sides, chest and ass with no real pattern. Eventually the verbal silence was broken when he leaned down and growled in my ear. "Touch yourself Ichigo, I wanna see you cum." I nodded and brushed the dirt off my right hand before grasping at my length. I jerked myself off for the first time in awhile. Things had been so crazy and when they weren't I had someone else in the room with me. My eyelids fluttered closed as my fist pumped my length hard and fast, his thrusts becoming rougher and more erratic.

It only took a few more catches of that spot for me to shoot across my chest and the sand below me. "Fuck yeah..." He hissed above me, suddenly pulling out and rolling me onto my back again. In seconds my vision was filled with his crotch, his large, hard dick jutting out from a mass of firey red hair. His hand was on his shaft, stroking it with the same amount of speed as I had with mine, possibly more. After a few seconds he released, shooting more cum than I'd ever seen before over my face. I was lucky I closed my eyes in time.

As I felt him settle beside me I licked at the cum that landed near enough to my lips surprised that it tasted so... strange. Nothing like the few times I'd tried mine at all. I lapped at what I could, than wiped the rest off on my robe.

"We should head back to the others, we've been done here all night you know."

I merely nodded in response, standing up and redressing myself as I had before, running my hands through my hair. I wasn't exactly sure what to say. After all, what did you say after that? But he just smiled and patted me on my back, that sly smirk of his on his face. "You weren't too bad for a first timer. We'll have to train you up though."

"Screw you! I'm the best you've ever had."

"You wish." He grinned and started running, knowing I'd give chase if only to insult him.
Tags: bleach, fic, ichigo kurosaki, ichigo kurosaki/renji abarai, renji abarai, slash
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