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As Expected

As Expected
Pairing: Matt Good/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Sean
Warnings: Blame Sean for this. He said he wanted to finger Matt.
Notes: For Saur. Feel betters!

Tonight had gone as expected, which was to say badly for us. Out of the three awards we were up for we'd won none. I wasn't too surprised. A little cheated maybe, but not surprised. We went to the awards more to socialise and have free drinks then on the off chance of a win. I glanced at Matt, who'd not won anything either but I didn't expect him to be particularly glum about it.

"So are you and him..." I looked at him, then nodded in the vague direction of Andy. My hand was on Matt's thigh, inching up towards his crotch. We were seated in one of the darkened booths at the after show party like many people here.

"Me and Andy what?" He looked at me curiously, before seeming to get it. Sometimes Americans could be so slow. "Oh! Yeah, we've fucked and yeah we fuck. Nothing serious."

I nodded a little, undoing his fly with no arguement from him. "How is he?" I asked, pulling his dick out. He smiled, sitting up so I could push his jeans down lower.

"Oh he's amazing, very flexible." He smiled, my fingers rubbing along his shaft. I looked at him, images entering my mind. Maybe I'd have to get them to hook up later. Shouldn't be too hard. Matt's hand was on my crotch, squeezing my bulge lightly before undoing my fly. "You'd like him."

"Maybe" I replied non-commitally, lifting myself so he could push my trousers down like I'd done to him. I shifted my hand up, rubbing my fingers over his lips until he parted them. I didn't hesitate to push both inside, smirking as he got them nice and wet. I gave him a few moments to do so, before removing them, trailing them down his body. As I did so he shifted and placed one leg on the table so I had better access to his opening. I pushed my fingers into him without a second thought, pleased to find that I filled them as easily as I'd done before.

He let out a low groan, eyes on mine. I simply smirked at him, moving my fingers in and out of him steadily. "Ugh... want me to do you?"

I nodded, licking my lips as he sucked two fingers, not bothering to even ask if I wanted to do it. I smirked, thinking how his lips would look stretched around someting more substantial. I growled low, ramming my fingers harder into his ass. His cock bobbed, hard and needy between his legs, the shaft jolting whenever I slammed my fingers into him.

After a few more moments of sucking, he removed his digits from between his lips, my own stilling inside him. "Will you be ok taking these?" I gave him a look which gave him his answer, parting my legs a little more in case I was in any way unclear. Taking my obvious hint, he reached over to me and pressed both fingers inside me. I groaned a little, my eyes lidding slightly as his fingers filled me up. It took a little while to adjust to the feeling of fullness, mostly because I hadn't had anything inside me for awhile, but I hadn't wanted to let that on to him.

When I opened my eyes I resumed the movements of my fingers within him, drinking in the sight of him as he groaned and bucked up into the air. I also had a perfect view of my fingers thrusting into his arse. I tore my gaze off him for a moment, casting my gaze over the rest of the room. Mostly I was checking to see if anyone had noticed us. Everyone else seemed occupied with other matters. Drinking or dancing like idiots or groping or talking shit. Only one set of eyes was clearly focussed upon us. Although he was nodding along to what someone else was telling him, his attention was squarely on the pair of us. I flashed him a smirk, slamming my fingers in and out for show.

I turned back to Matt, whose own fingers moved steadily within me. Every now and then he'd drive them deep enough to catch my spot. I tuned out the music and snatches of conversation, listening solely to the catch of his throat and the sounds that escaped his lips. Was he close? Likely. I twisted my fingers, leaning into him and growling low in his ear. "Come on Matt. I know it doesn't take too much to get you wet." I smirked, rubbing my fingertips agaisnt his spot before retreating them and slamming them hard. "Come on now."

I felt his fingers curl inside me and knew it was time, my eyes glancing down just in time to see the pearly jets leave his cock, arc through the air before landing over his tee.

I, on the other hand, wasn't as easy as him. I ground myself against his fingers, slipping my own out of him to wrap them around my cock, wanking rough and quick. I found myself looking for the black rimmed eyes that had been on us earlier and, sure enough, he was still watching us. So the showman in me came out again and I exaggeratedly tipped my head back and made low moans with my mouth open wide. I practically rode Matt's fingers, since he seemed incapable of doing so himself. I locked eyes with the other man one last time before jerking up hard and spilling over myself. And the table.

I panted softly, but when I looked for the other man he'd gone. Ah well. I took Matt's wrist and removed his fingers from me, then straightened myself up again. "I dunno about you, but I need a drink."
Tags: drugs, fic, matt good, matt good/sean smith, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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