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From sun to moon, moon to sun

It's the semi-weekly update post, with mostly random topics bar one.

I finished the literacy part of the course last week, so I got switched to another group which turned out to be good. The tutor was nice and there were fewer hours which worked out for the best.

The Kerrang awards last week were a bit wrong. The main wrong thing being best british band NOT being won by a Welsh band, the first time in about... 7 years now? Ugh. Two went as I hoped though, so that was good.

This week has been spent waiting for BVB's album, which is on the post but not here yet (grrr) and mostly waiting for yesterday. And finishing off my Ou course so all that's needed is doing the assessments (which I don't need to rush since there's until the end of next month for the first cut off).

And also, yay I've got a BVB ticket! Woop!

Yesterday was Ocarina day! It was awesome, which was added by going into Game and hearing Majora's Mask orchestral music playing (which I was lsitening to at the time so I thought I was going crazy).

I didn't start it till I got home. And even then, mum pestered me towards the start.

Anyway. If you have a 3DS, go out and get Ocarina right now (unless of course you have a: already got it or b: am waiting for it to arrive).

If you've played Ocarina before you'll instantly notice the change. The graphics have received a huge update. I now that every review of the game brings this up (often with comparison pictures to the 64 version) but it really is impressive. There's so many little details that have been added or improved. There's posters and brickwork and signs and just... so much that seems really small but actually it improves things so much. I can't wait to see Sheik and the Shadow Temple and Zora's Domain and the Water Temple (was I the only one that actually liked that?).

I really hope the graphics people win an award for their work, they certainly deserve it because it's the best looking game I've ever seen. I restate my hope that they're working on Majora's Mask now. I honestly dunno how they couldn't be though.

The ocarina playing is different so it's taking a bit of getting used to. I keep wanting to play songs like they were on the 64's c-pad. Hopefully I'll get the hang of that soon enough.

The Gorons look so cute, I love their little smiley faces.

Ialso love the Zora, but I've only seen the swimming one at Lake Hylia now.

It's such a nostagia trip, I keep humming along with the music. Sometimes I have gone a bit... on autopilot though. I mean I beat Gohma before she really had a chance to do anything to me. But that's to be expected and it's not exactly a bad thing.

When I next go on it I'm busy Skulltula hunting (instead of heading too far forward) and doing some mini game stuff. But mostly the former, since getting 30'll be a big help. Although I may start Zora River to get the beans since I can do that while I getthe skulltulas.
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