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Ocarina Of Time 3DS FAQ post

13 years ago a game was released for the humble N64. That game was The Legend Of Zelda, Ocarina Of Time. The game was such an amazing game that is consistantly comes into the top 10 of the greatest game of all time lists. Every review of it was more than 90%, making it one of the highest rated games not just of the N64 but of any console before or since.

On Friday it's being released again, this time on the 3DS with vastly improved graphics.

Now most of you may have played it before (either on the N64 or on one of the rereleases later), but this is mostly for those that are new to it. So this works under the assumption that you've never played the game before and, as such, will be as spoiler free as possible.

What are ruppees and what are they used for?
Ruppees are the main currency of the game. As such they are used in the various shops as well as used to pay for mini games. There are various ways to find them, including breaking thing, treasure chests and beating enemies. The basic colours you'll find are:
Gree: 1
Blue: 5
Orange: 20
Purple: 50

How do I beat x enemy?
The basic way of beating an enemy is hitting it with your sword (or ranged weapon if it's flying/far away). Failing that a new enemy may be defeated by the item from the dungeon you are in, so try that. Failing that, Navi willalso provide advice which may highlight a specific weak spot.

What are ocarina songs and how do I learn them?
There are a total of 12 songs which can be split in two catergories. The first 6 are learned from various people that you encounter during your journey. Each one has different function which will be explained when you learn it. The later six are songs learned from Sheik. These six are specical in tht they function as 'warp' songs, which will send you to a specific location once it's played.

How do I increase my hearts/life?
At the end of a boss battle you will gain an extra heart container. Also you can gain extra hearts from pieces of heart and use leife restoring items (fairies and potions) once you have a bottle.

What are pieces of heart and where do I get them?
Pieces of heart are scattered all across Hyrule. Some you get from helping people, or winning mini gmes. Others you will find via exploration. When you get four you get an additional heart. There are a totl of 36, for nother 9 hearts.

I keep her a scritching sound, what is it?
The scritching is caused by gold skulltula (the scritching clear indicator that one is nearby). It may be hidden, or in a place currently inccessble, but try and get it when you can.

There is strange wall blocking my way, how do I get past it?
Hit the wall. If it makes strange sound (different to when you hit normal wall) then it can be blown up with bombs.

Is there a time limit?
No, there's absolutely no time limit. You can do things as slowly or as quickly as you like. There are, howeer, some sections that do have time limit. This will be indicated by one of two things. The first is a timer that appears on screen counting down to zero. The second way is slightly more subtle. In a dungeon if you hit a switch sometimes you may here a 'ticking' sound, which gets faster. This indicates that whatever the switch did (ie opening a door) will run out so be sure to do it as quickly as possible!

I've found locked door, how do I open it?
There are three types of doors:
Doors with a silver lock are opened by small keys which are typically found in chests.
Big doors with gold locks are boss doors, opened by the special boss key.
Doors with bars are opened via certain conditions. Each door is different depending on the room. Sometimes it opens by defeating all the enemies in the room. Other times it will be by pressing a switch of some kind. In extremely rare cases the doors won't open so they're one way doors.

Random hints:
*If you see something that you can't get don't worry: you will always be able to get it at some point.
*Talk to everyone: you never know who may have a piece of valuable information.
*Don't be afraid to explore, in most cases there's absolutely no rush to do anything.
*If you ever get stuck, try anything. Sometimes the answer to a problem can be something you wouldn't have expected.
*Sometimes it pays doing some backtrcking, don't be afraid to go back somewhere you've alredy visited

Ok so this is where I'm currently ending it. I may add more basic stuff when it comes to me.

Also, if you have a question not covered here, plese feel free to leave a comment and I'll respond as quickly s possible. don't worry if sounds stupid, or if the answer is obvious because sometimes it's incredibly easy to miss very simple things.

Updated stuff:

Can I aim without moving the 3DS?
Yes! Just use the circle pad instead.

What items should I assign to the buttons?
My advice is to assign the ones you'll most regularly use to the buttons and others to the touchscreen. I'd recommend having the slingshot assigned to a button.

How do I hold more ruppees?
You need to get an upgrade of your wallet. Look out for gold skulltulas.

Can I hold more deku seeds/deku nuts/deku sticks etc?
Yes, holdable items can be upgraded to have more. Always be on the lookout for people and things!
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