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Angles Of Observation

Angles Of Observation
Pairing: Andy Six/Jay James, Ashley Purdy
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ashley
Prompt: 31: Voyeur
Warnings: Porn, some kinkiness
Notes: Ironic that I wrote this fic set at Download and started it before the festival even beggan (and knew I'd do something like this anyway). Also ironic is Andy's onstage outfit for the gig. Amd yeah, this finally is another kinkyways fic.

As I stepped on the tour bus I heard the unmistakable sound of someone getting head. Curious, I stepped through the bus, moving closer to it's source. Thankfully it was the back lounge, so I was able to get a pretty good view of the action while staying relatively hidden. From my vantage point, I could see it was Andy getting sucked off. He had one gloved hand on the other's head, holding them in place.

I was fairly sure it was a he, though I couldn't be 100% sure yet. On tours you quickly learned that a blow job was a blow job, regardless of the source. Same with sex. Gender rapidly became irrelevent.

I cast my eyes over the person on their knees before Andy. Despite being sure they were a he I didn't want to start thinking of them as such until I was absolutely sure. They had a dark mohawk, not exactly a feminine cut. They were naked with strong looking arms behind them, ink marking the skin, hands clasped together but not bound. The tatts weren't familiar to me and I was certain the lizard would stick in my mind at least. So it was someone new, which didn't really narrow it down. We were at a festival of thousands and there was no sign yet if it was a fellow performer, a worker or fan.

I swallowed and adjusted myself, watching intently. Whoever it was was bobbing up and down steaily, not having any noticeable problems taking him. A likely sign they were experienced. I rubbed my growing bulge, the thought of this mystery talented cock sucker making my dick throb. I'd have to find out who it was and hook up with them later. Definitely.

Andy growled, gripping the other's head tighter. I licked my lips, wondering if he intended to shoot down their throat or if this was just prep. It was hard to tell right now. I reached between my legs, palming myself through my pants as I watched them. Andy was making sounds of pleasure while the other was only able to produce whimpers and slurping sounds. I gave my dick a quick squeeze, licking my lips as Andy pushed the other's head away. Andy let out a few breathless pants, before finally speaking to the other for the first time since I'd started watching them. "That's enough. Start fingering yourself." He paused, then smirked. "No, use this." He handed the other something, though from my angle I couldn't see what it actually was. The other merely nodded, offering no verbal response. However, when they shifted I got a glimpse of balls. Ok, definitely a guy.

He parted his legs a little more and reached back, using one hand to hold himself open while the other pressed the dark object between his fleshy cheeks. He let out a groan, which was soon silenced as Andy pushed his head back into his crotch. I guessed he wasn't sucking cock again, likely instead he was having a mouthful of balls.

I undid my fly, pushing my underwear down enough to pull out my aching cock. I wrapped my fingers around my dick, starting to stroke myself steadily as I watched. I'd prefer to get blown by the mystery man but my hand would have to do for now. I wondered who that guy was. There'd been a guy with a hawk at the Kerrang awards a few nights back, so maybe it was him. Then again a hawk was a pretty common rock look, so it could just as easily be some other person. I guess I couldn't help wanting to know.

The guy on his knees made some sort of wordless noise and I could see that whatever Andy gave him must be all the way inside him. I watched as Andy looked down over him, smirking at the sight before pushing him away. "Perfect." Andy combed his fingers through his hawk, looking thoughtful for a few moments before nodding. "Over the table now."

I bit my lower lip, watching the mohawk guy rise from the floor. Against Andy he was short, though most people were beside him. He turned and bent over the bus's rear table, his body pressing against the dark surface. While he moved into position I'd gotten a brief look at his face, which I recognised as the guy from the awards.

I smirked and increased my hand movements, Andy standing up, stepping over towards the other man. Bar wearing his globes and boots, Andy was naked. He parted his legs, removed the object from between his cheeks and set it aside on the table next to him. I almost laughed at what it was, but managed to keep quiet. I should've guessed he'd use his mic toy. Andy paused, just for a moment, then got into place, thrusting hard into the other. He groaned, Andy starting to thrust roughly into him.

From the angle I was watching from I got an amazing view of Andy's ass as he pounded that guy. Unforunately I couldn't see much else other than that, but it'd do. Thankfully it meant that I was sure to stay hidden. I licked my lips and sped my hand up, eyes on Andy's ass as it flexed whenever he was balls deep in the other. Moans from both of them filled the air and it was mostly obvious which made what noise.

"Growl for me bitch. Like you do onstage." Andy murmured in that deep voice of his, his words punctuated by thrusts of his hips. Within moments there were growls mixed with the groans he was already making. If I wasn't turned on already, then I would be now. I leaned against the bunks and sped up my hand a little. I'd have to shoot before he did, so I could find someplace to hide so they wouldn't catch me when they were done.

In absently curiousity I wondered if he was going to get the other off. I couldn't tell from this angle of course, with both hands out of sight. So he could be jerking his dick or gripping some part of him or scratching his sides. Or any number of other things. I swallowed any sounds the image conjured. I tipped my head back against the bunk feeling my dick throb in my hand. Looks ike I'd cum before them after all. I watched them, heard the moans they made and finally released over my belly in hot, thick bursts, most landing acorss my outlaw tattoo.

Panting, I pulled back a bus curtain and quickly pounced inside, pulling it shut and watching them finish up from my new location. As soon as I was settled, I cursed myself. After all, I could have watched the whole thing from this safe location. I shrugged a little, licking my fingers clean. I panted as quietly as possible, watching as Andy shot his load up the other, unsure he had as well.

After a few moments, Andy had pulled out and lit a cigarette up. "Faster." He muttered, taking a deep inhale, letting some ash fall on the other's back. "Cum before I finished this or I'm throwing you out in the mud." I bit my lip at the image that came to mind, filing it away for later. I watched as Andy dipped a little after the next inhale, holding the other's ass apart to exhale and lick along his cleft. I bit back yet another groan, my softening dick twitching against my stomach.

Sadly Andy didn't have to follow up on that threat, as the mohawk guy came and Andy stood, stubbing out his cigarette on his ass. "Good boy." I heard a whimper and Andy smirked, the motion distorting his already smeared make up. "You'll get us on your next tour yeah?"

He nodded, his now matted hawk swaying a little. "Oh yeah..."

After a few moments more he was standing , rubbing the burn on his ass and searching for his clothes. After Andy took a few choices shots on his phone of course. "Leave your underwear Jay." He looked at Andy for a few moments before nodding, slipping his pants back on without underwear, his dick softening and sticky, leaving a slight trail on his skin before it was covered. Jay slipped a sleeveless tee on, then shoes before smiling at Andy and heading through the bus, pausing a little before the door.

"And the others?"

"Do your part and I'll do mine." Andy leaned closer to him, rubbing his clothed ass. "And you'll get more cock than you can handle."

The words were enough for Jay and he nodded, slipping out the bus into the riot of the festival. So now it was me and Andy and I was left with how I was going to sneak out without him noticing.

"You know, it's rude to watch." The smirk he wore as he pulled back the curtain said it all. "I guess I'll have to punish you now." Before I knew it He had me on my back, my wrists bound with the scarf I'd been wearing all day.

But I knew I wouldn't regret watching, even as Andy stepped away to get fuck knows what.
Tags: 50kinkyways, andy six, andy six/jay james, ashley purdy, black veil brides, bullet for my valentine, fic, slash
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