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Pairing: Duncan James/Simon Webbe
Rating: NC-17
POV: Simon
Warnings: Foot fetish, bondage.
Notes: I blame this on a pic post where Duncan kept showing off his feet in a lot of the pics. Also blame lithiumqueen for encouraging me (and the title) though I knew I'd do Blue fic again sooner or later once they reformed (though I susppected the first one I'd have done would've been Duncan and Lee).

It was strange, being on the floor like this on my knees. Owing to my big cock I was usually the one in control but here I was. On my knees, hands tied behind my back, looking up at him. He was hard as I was, sitting on his sofa completely naked. His legs were outstretched, his feet on my thighs. It was a strange feeling, and it made my dick react more than I thought it would.

When Lee told me that Duncan had a foot fetish, and that it was pretty awesome, I'd thought he was just being his usual crazy self. But then I put some thought into it. There sure were a lot of pictures of Duncan with bare feet and there were a lot of times I'd seen him like that, but I'd not thought anything of it. So I asked him about it and here I was.

He shifted his foot up slowly, his toes rubbing my balls. I bit back a groan, my hard dick twitching in arousal. He'd been doing this for awhile now, teasing my balls, before returning his feet to rest on my thighs. This time, though, it seemed different. He lingered longer than before and his toes actually rubbed against part of my shaft. His foot moved up more, rubbing insistanty along my dick.

His other foot was moving too, only further up. It moved over my chest, stopping to rub a few places along the way. My belly, my nipples, my inked skin. I blinked a little when it finally stopped it's motion where it was practially presented to my face. "Suck it." His voice came out low, almost like a growl. I blinked again and he pressed his toes against my lips insistantly. I swallowed before taking the hint, opening my mouth and taking his big toe. It was a strange feeling, but not as bad as I probably woud have expected. Not that I'd been thinking about this for long. The thought hadn't even entered my head until Lee had mentioned it. As I started to lap at the pad of his toe I heard him groan. At the same time his other foot pressed more against my stiff cock, making a similar moan leave my lips. Seriously, this probably shouldn't be turning me on this much, but it was.

I looked over it him as I sucked his toe, which really wasn't too hard since it was much easier to a suck than a dick. He was wanking steadily, his head tipped back a little but his eyes were still on me. "Yeah, just like that..." I smiled, taking in his next toe as well which only seemed to make him moan louder.

After a few moments more of sucking, I pulled back and switched to licking over his sole. I was much more into it than I thought I would be. His foot pressed against my dick harder, making me groan against his skin. The heel of his foot pressed against my balls, not enough to hurt but still enough to feel pretty good. I groaned louder, feeling my dick leak against his foot.

"Mmm yeah Simon. I want you to cum." He rubbed his foot harder against me. "All over my foot." I moaned against his skin, rocking my hips up against his foot. Fuck I needed it now. I closed my eyes, his toes flexing against my head which felt so fucking good. I groaned unable to last much longer as kept the movements up. A low moan escaped my lips and my large cock relesed, Duncan making sure that most of my cum got on his foot. "Good boy."

I panted softly and in an eye blink his feet were switched so I had to lick my fresh load from his skin. I swiped my tongue over him, making sure to get every drop. Mostly it was over his sole, but a little of it clung to his toes or the spaces between them. I watched as he finally spilled himself with a low moan, his eyes on me the whole time.

"Mmmm." The sound escaped his lips as he cleaned his fingers with his tongue.

"That was so..."

"Good?" I nodded and he flashed me a smile. "I knew you'd think so." He planted his feet on my shoulders, seemingly content to rest them there. Somehow I had a feeling I wouldn't be moving for awhile, but strangely that didn't feel so bad.
Tags: blue, duncan james, duncan james/simon webbe, fic, simon webbe, slash
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