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That just raises further questions!

Major Who spoilers ahoy so if you haven't watched yet or you're in America/other places DO. NOT. READ.

Shoo. Cause this weeks is a biggy.

Ok this week's ep was all kinds of crazy. Seriously it was insane so.... bullet points return!

*First the previouslyness. I didn't expect it to have the girl from the Silence eps in the previously. What I find odd about that is that there's no direct reference back to her (bar a brief flashback) so her inclusion there seems odd. The inclusion seems only to serve one purpose: to imply that said girl is Amy's kid. (Which makes their relationship a little fucked up causa the whole shooting her thing)
*Cybermen! Sadly they weren't in it for long but there they were, with a fleet and everything. Rumours abound they'll be back in a big way soon though. So although they were in it briefly, they will be back.
*Ok I really loved the Silurian, Vastra. I wish we'd seen her story earlier. She seems to know a great deal about the Doctor. (Seriously, knowing about the whole untempered schism thing and abou the Time Lords, what's the deal with that?) Plus! She's in a relationship with a human. A woman! So yay, lesbian interspecies relationship! I hope she comes back, she seems cool.
*Random Sontaran! That can lactate!
*Random gay married couple! That appeared and then... vanished sadly.
*Dorium's pretty awesome. And funny. 'I'm old! And fat! And blue!'
*What the hell is the chuch/Kovarian/the headless monk's deal? Fucking weirdos. It's funny, they're so against the Doctor... but he is so obviously a good person. What's their problem? Religion, fuck it.
*The doctor proves he's awesome by not only sneaking himself and Rory inside Demon's Run but also a contingent of Judoon (I love those guys), a Sontaran, Vastra and her chick and a whole fucking army of Silurians!
*Silurians are awesome and I love they're been in it so much.
*As are the Judoon (and I was genuinely surprised by their appearance)
*Yay for the pirate and his cute kid
*And random spitfires! (Although seriously, out of all of the ships in time and space he could use the BEST he could do are refitted world war 2 spitfires? Seriously?)
*After the episode both mum and Mikey commented on the lack of Jack. He shoulda come back!
*I hate those headless monks. Having lightsaber weapons won't make me hate you less
*There needs to be like a whole wave of figures for this episode alone.
*I find it hard to believe the monks ambushed all of the Silurians.
*The Doctor being clueless about when she got concieved and Vastra trying (subtly) to find out and him being clueless. Honestly Doctor.
*So the baby has time vortex energy huh? Hmmm
*We all shoulda seen the bluff with the baby coming. The Doctor should've at least scanned her.
*Does this mean that the kid in the space suit is Melody? If so how did the Silence get her? Were they protecting her? Hiding her?
*And last, the big reveal. When I heard Melody's name I was sure that she'd be River (I'd heard rumours and considered it, but that confirmed it for me). Now if Amy felt bad for seeing the Doctor die imagine how the Doctor feels. He knows how River dies and he has to keep that from both her and her parents. (Worse, what if he's already accidentally let it slip?) But of course, he's not thinking about that now. I have a feeling she won''t be rescued soon (until towards the end of the series) which'll likely result in glaring and yelling from Amy every episode.
*Also a note: the whole thing coulda been two eps instead. Or at least an extended one

I want the rest of the series now.

Other stuff:
*I've finished 4 levels of Lego Star Wars so far. Woop. I think the next one is Kit's level < 3
*I still need to sort icons
*And write porn of some sort
*2 weeks till Zelda!!
*Seeing a fish swarm is odd. Also odd is seeing them spawn.
*Want Jay porn. Gimme Jay porn..
*I say that, despite being resigned to know there won't be.

Off now. Gonna finish iconning, then go on Legos. May fic tomorrows.
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