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Set sail

Wanna see what's made me do this face?

Well read on.

Well this week's been a bit iffy.

Had the day off Monday (bank holiday) and we finally found the missing Pirates dvds so we watched those.

Tuesday was however much worse.

Although I finished the IT course then (with high marks) mum didn't real acknowledge it. And then she became a bitch and I snapped. I was already emotional and it was just the last straw so I went upstairs and stayed there all night.

We (eventually) ended up making up Wednesday.

Which was followed up ordering the 3DS.

Which is here now. And it's just. So. Pretty.

Ironically, the first person I run into on Streetpass is called Jay. He gains awesome points for saing 'preorder Zelda' but loses ome for playing a Tinkerbell game. I kid you not.

When I got Lego Star Wars today they also told me about preordering it. Fuck yeah Zelda is everywhere!

Today we saw Pirates 4 and I'm not sure what I think aout it. It was pretty good though. Although Angelica's voice was really... annoying cause it as hard to pick up on causa the accent.

I need to sort icons on here. And fic. May this weekend.

ONE DAY TILL WHO! I really can't wait cause it looks awesome. When it's done I have a list of eps to rewatch (which I may share).


Zelda countdown at Game

Ocarina potato


Off now to play Dragon Quest (cause I need money for todays daily download) then watch Love Exposure (which sounds like an odd Japanese film) and then go on Legos.
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