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No More Waiting

No More Waiting
Pairing: Andy Six/Gavin Butler
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gavin
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: for lithiumqueen hope yous likes (and get on with that fic already!)

I sat, gazing over at the bar as I did every time we came here. My eyes were on the boy that occupied the corner seat, the seat he always occupied. He was tall, thin as a rake and very sexy. He always wore black and matching make up, his hair a wild mass of black. Every time we came I'd watch him and every time he'd hook up with a different guy. He didn't seem to have a specific type from the looks of it. All I did was watch this mystery man and drink. Then, when the night was over, I'd curse myself for just doing that and wank.

"You know, you should just go over there and be done with it." I took my eyes of him to glance at my friend. The blonde, who was pretty obnoxious at times, was sat beside me, arm around the man who he spent most nights attached to. "You need to seize the cock dude. And I mean someone else's for once."

I looked at him like he'd gone crazy. Ok, so he was pretty crazy most of the time but that wasn't the point. "Look at him. He's out of my league."

Sean looked at him, then back at me and rolled his eyes. "Fucking grow a pair Gav!" He wigged his hips slightly, making the man he was sitting on groan softly. "You have two choices. You can either keep up what you're doing, which is fawning over him and doing fuck all about it or you could go over and do something." I hated to admit that he had a point. "So which is it? Waste your life not knowing or taking a chance and finding out?"

Inside I cursed myself that he was right. "Fine." I downed the last of my drink and got up, heading over to the boy. I swallowed and took a deep breath, closing my eyes for a few seconds before finally finishing the distance, standing beside him. "Hey, is anyone sitting here?"

He looked at me, and I realised how beautiful his eyes were. "No, sit if you want." His voice was deeper than I expected, more gravelly. Also he clearly wasn't from around here, probably American.

"Thanks." I whispered and took the seat, biting my lip. After a few moments of silence I glanced at him. "Could I... get you a drink?"

"Sure." He paused and looked at me, his gaze seemingly burning through me. "I'm Andy." He said finally, the introduction making me feel a little more at ease.

"Gavin." He nodded slightly in acknowledgement and we both ordered our drinks, the booze putting me at ease.

After a few more moments of silence, he spoke again. "I've seen you you know." I looked at him and blushed slightly. "I know you've been watching me and I know what you want. So, how about this. We finish up these drinks and you come with me back to mine."

I nodded dumbly, his hand on my knee, those long fingers of his travelling up my leg. "Good." He nodded slightly and finished his drink, waiting for me to do the same. It took only a few moments for me to do so, chugging it down to finish it off. "Ready?" He smiled and then I nodded, cheeks flushed.

As I stood up to leave I gave Sean a small smile, then followed Andy out to his car. It was nice, black and sleek, just as I would've expected.


The trip to his place was short, with the occasional question and answer back and forth between us. I was nervous, being in a hot guy's car did that to me. I swallowed when we pulled up in his driveway then, once he parked up, he looked back at me. "Here we are."

I nodded and got out with him, crossing the small space from the car to the door. Once there he stopped and turned to me. "Once we are through that door I am in control. If you don't like that, well you can turn back now."

I nodded a little, though to be honest I'd not really expected such things from him. He hadn't looked the part of a top, though looks were often so often decieving. Andy nodded, unlocking and opening the door, holding it open for me to step inside. Once inside things changed.

He slammed the door shut and growled, kissing me hard, but briefly, before staring right at me. "Strip bitch." I blinked, bewildered and he slapped me across the face hard. "I said strip bitch!" I started to remove my clothes, feeling my eyes burn into me as I did so. Once I finished unbuttoning my shirt he opened an empty drawer, nodding to it. "In there." I nodded, dropping my shirt inside. "Shoes too." I bent down, undoing each of them one at a time before putting them beside my shirt.

Soon all my clothes were in there, jeans, boxers, socks and I was standing before him naked. I flushed slightly and he nodded appreciatively, shutting the drawer and locking it, pushing the key into his pocket. "Follow me slut. Crawl."

I got to my knees and crawled after him. Once he was sure I was followiing, he led me upstairs to his room. It was slightly tricky to get up the stairs, but I managed it just about. His room was as I expected it to be, dark with a large bed and various objects of furniture along the walls.

He turned to regard me again, silently looking over my body. Slowly he circled me, like a vulture. I swallowed, feeling on display but I was harder then I'd ever been. Occasionally he'd run his fingers over my skin on various places as well as spitting on my back. After a few circuits he stopped in front of me, looking down at me, tangling his fingers in my hair and yanking my head up so I could see him. He was holding a phone up, no doubt taking a picture of me, before stuffing it back into his pocket.

"Now, I have two questions for you slut." He paused, giving me time to nod in understanding. "First, how much BDSM have you done and second, when was the last time you had anything up your ass?"

"Not much... some toys and cuffs and stuff..." I blushed slightly, then thought. "A week ago."

"Fingers? Dildo? Cock?"

I blushed more and swallowed before nodding. "Fingers. Two."

He nodded, looking like he was thinking. He nodded again after a few moments and headed away, to another set of drawers. I craned my head to watch, but only got to see his sexy clothed ass move as he rummaged through them.

"Eyes down." I blushed and looked down, surprised that he'd seemingly knew what I was doing. A few moments later he returned, obviously with things I couldn't see. "First, I want you to finger yourself." I nodded and shifted my hand. "Suck your fingers first." I nodded again and started sucking my fingers, getting them nice and wet. As I did so I heard the sounds of clothes dropping to the floor. I bit back a moan, slipping the digits from between my lips and reaching back and slipping my fingers between my cheeks. I found my opening pretty easily, mostly from experience, then pushed two of my fingers inside myself.

Again I felt his eyes on me, my fingers moving steadily in and out to open me up. I wasn't quite sure what he was doing now, though the sounds of clothing discarded had stopped now. I wondered what he looked like naked and if he matched my expectations. I swallowed when I heard him stand, feeling him move around me again. I felt his hand grip my wrist, the action followed by a low growl. "Stop now bitch." I stilled, letting him pull my wrist back until my fingers slipped out. "Hands behind your back." I nodded, bringing my other hand around me, feeling him snap a pair of cuffs around my wrists.

Another circuit around me, then he stopped before me. "Wet my dick." I nodded and lifted my head up slightly, getting an eyeful of his cock. I swallowed at the sight of it. It was bigger than I'd have expected from him. I took the head between my lips, deciding it'd be best to get going instead of just stare at it.

I slipped my lips down his length, the fullness of it filling my mouth steadily. I was a little out of practice, especially with guys his sort of size, but I managed enough. After all he just wanted me to get him nice and wet. I lapped at his cock, bobbing up and down steadily so he was nice and wet for me. I flicked my eyes up to him, awaiting the eventual order for me to stop. He looked beautiful, random tattoos up his arms, his slim chest moving a little as he took deep breaths. He threaded his fingers in my hair, his eyes on me as I sucked his dick.

The inevitable order came after a few minutes, when his hips were pressed against my face and his balls against my chin. "That's enough slut." He pushed me off him and moved around me slowly. He was still wearing his boots I realised, but otherwise he was completely naked. The moment he was in position, he pulled apart my cheeks, thrusting into me hard. I groaned, pushing back a little as he filled me. He hurt a little, but it was a good kind of hurt. His hands held onto my hips as he started to move right away, not wasting any time.

"Fuck..." I bit my lip at the sound of his gravely voice, my cock twitching between my legs. His thrusts were hard, not giving me any time to adjust to him, not that I was complaining. I let my eyes lid a little, pushing my ass ack against his dick. "Eager little slut aren't you? When was the last time you got fucked by a real man hmmm?"

My cheeks flushed and he still his hips, awaiting an answer. "Months..."

"How many?" He growled, spitting on my back again. "Answer me slut!" His words were followed by a hard slap to my arse, which made me groan loudly. I thought fast, mentally counting through the days and weeks.

"Seven. Seven months." I replied, cheeks burning red all the more now.

He chuckled and pulled out before slamming back into me hard. "Quite a dry spell slut." He slapped my ass again, then yanked me back by my hair. "Don't worry, if you do well tonight you won't have one that long again."

"Thank you..." I whimpered, his tongue snaking over my neck.

"And next time I'll be a lot rougher with you." He purred, the sound accompanied by his hips slamming against my arse. I groaned, nodding. Right now I wanted nothing more, well that and him touching my cock. I flexed my fingers, stroking his skin as he pressed against my back. "I bet you want me to touch you huh?"

I nodded, whimpering again. "Please, I need it."

He chuckled again, but reached around and curled his slim fingers around my cock. "Don't even think about shooting before me." I nodded wordlessly as he pounded me, his hand pumping my cock in a strange sort of time. I'd not felt this good in months, maybe even longer. Every movement he made resulted in me groaning all the more, my hips rocking back and forth hard to meet his thrusts. He was moaning too, the sweet sound going right into my ear whenever he made one.

I wasn't sure how long we lasted. In some ways it felt like forever, in others it felt like only minutes. I knew it was closer to the latter though. He growled low in my ear and I felt him cum deep inside me. "Now, now you can cum." He muttered the words breathlessly against my skin.

My body reacted, the words seemingly all that was required to tip me over the edge and I came in spurts across my belly.

Me stayed connected to one another for a good few minutes until he finally removed himself from me fully. "Mmmm I love the sound of a Welshman when he cums." He muttered softly, undoing my cuffs deftly with one hand before discarding them. The second they were off I started rubbing my wrists, looking at him as he moved.


He nodded, licking his lips. His make up was all smeared now, but he still looked almost unearibly sexy. "You can stay if you want, but if you do I expect a morning blow job." I nodded and remained where I was, which seemed to please him. "Thought so. Now, how about you clean up my cock before we get into bed."

Not having to be told twice, I wrapped my lips around his sticky cock and started to lick him clean.
Tags: andy six, andy six/gavin butler, black veil brides, fic, gavin butler, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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