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It flows differently for each person

The course in Cannock is so painfully easy. I've done three of the four exams already and got 89%, 94% and 100% for them. And on Tuesday I do the last one, which means I'll be done with it... with three weeks left to go.


The Open uni course gets bonus points for listing Pluto as a planet. Which it is.

Game, get more stock in before I hit you. Do it now, do it loud or I will sent Hunter Killer droids after you.

I finishing fic tonight, in hopes it'll be done soon.

Pokemon Black is still awol. Grrr.

I need to edit icons but dunno which to get rid of. Hmmm.

Now, Who ramblings. If you are going to watch Who and haven't yet, look away now.

*The main squee point for the ep is simple: two Doctors. Two. Doctors. Somewhere, Captain Jack is orgasming
*It was also quite... ambiguous. I mean the Gangers weren't evil for the sake of being they evil. They were just scared. Well, apart from Jennifer who went all psycho.
*Oh Rory, so easily tricked you sweet boy you
*One of the old Doctor's voices coming from Ganger Doctor was amusing (though it's odd he mentions Cybermen), and then another yay!
*Sad that he died... or did he? Ohhhh
*The eye patch lady explained

The main talking point though is the end. Amy being Flesh, since the start of the series. Which brings up several things: who stole her? When? Why is obvious (for her baby), but why would thye want the baby? Is she stolen by humans? Cybermen? Those weird monk things from the trailer? Hmmm.

Also it makes another thing strange: the Silence. In the first episode the Silence makes flesh!Amy tell the Doctor about her pregnancy ('what he must not know'). What do they honestly gain from that? And then they take her and it looks like they're examining her so maybe they find out about her Fleshness but they obviously can't do anything about it because they all go gung ho because they kidnapped her.

I never thought the Silence were evil, they never seemed terribly evil to begin with. In fact, despite looking frightening they seemed pretty... content with hiding. And yes, they took the girl, but we dunno why. Maybe they thought they were helping by doing so. I guess we'll see. I hope so anyway.

But yeah. Next week looks epic. Finally finding out who River is. Cybermen. Monk's with lightsabers. Spaceships. WANT!
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