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Another random post. I do seem to like bullet point posts. But that's cause they're so simple.

*Postmen are ninjas I swear. We were both in the house seriously

*Got a package and yay! lc_ffaf sent me a lego key ring! And it was Kit Fisto, only my favouritest Jedi.
*New Doctor Who! Yay! I'll have to watch it again before part 2 though. It was pretty good, but as a two parter it had a fair bit of set up for part 2. Rory was awesome though. And two Doctors! Nommm. Want Saturday

*Started doing the open university course... and found at that the 'suggested study times' are so wrong. For example, for the first chapter it says it needs 3 hours study time... yet it's only 6 pages with a lot of diagrams. For Chapter 2 it said it needed 10 hours, but I did it in less than two (though I do need to do an activity for it but it's been the wrong weather for it).

*Start of that stupid Pertemps course... which seems so pointless. The thing I've been put on is four parts. Tomorrow I'll have done the first 2. It was meant to last 4 weeks though.
*Ended up started working on new fic which is a bit, but it'll need researching so don't expect that one for a bit. Hopefully gonna start a random porn fic soon.

*Ninja package came! It was the Party Poison jacket, mum ordered for me (see she can be awesome) it's nice. I'm glad I got it in large, cause I reckon medium would've been small.
*Pokemon black seems to have vanished. I demand to know where it's gone! I've looked everywhere it have logically gone but... nothing. Curse ye!
*Black Veil Brides video is hot. Literally since there's fire.
*The All Time Low vid is amusing
*Got the lego set I couldn't get a token for from e-bay. Kinda annoying

Can't think of thoughts for today, so I'll leave it at that. Well I got Kerrang but it's ehish, but next week's has a cd.

Also amused by a picture on the Mirror of Obama with the Queen.

Gonna watch American Dad and have pasta soon.
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