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You might be blonde but that's just stupid

Random update post. It'll be in bullet point form, just cause.

*Been sick the past few days, not been able to focus on starting uni sutff causa it
*I won a Doctor Who draw though! Yay! 10 of those little figures are mine! Well, will be when they turn up (expect pics)
*Inspiration's gone again, especially for the one fic I'm trying to do
*Trying decide if I should get Ocarina from Amazon or pay £10 more to get these (although the decision might be made tomorrow once I ask around)
*Thor's stopped playing in Cannock just as I can see it. Ugh
*Anyone got the last News Of The World cause I need something from it.
*I'm so glad Kurt's properly back in Glee, being all awesome and stuff.
*Watching Tomb Raider is amusing, mostly because the bad guy's from Resident Evil (and Doctor Who) and the love interest is Bond. Mum reminded me at the end that we;'d not since it since other people were here. :( Might watch the other soon
*Beth in Desperate Housewives is an idiot

Read these three fics cause yay, Bullet porn!

I'm gonna go now and watch American Dad and ponder fic.
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