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The people of Europe are deaf

How could Jedward get more vtes than Blue at Eurovision?

HOW COULD JEDWARD GET ANY VOTES AT ALL? Stupid, stupid people of Europe.

At least they didn't win.

I wanted Sweden to win though. Instead Azkaban did. I sense the work of a noseless dark lord at work.

Anyway, Who was on yesterday and it was a pretty good episode. Idris looked like Bellatrix and half the internet seems to have agreed. And and Ood! Why do Ood have a nasty habit of dying? I hope next time they don't. (Cause there will be a next time, cause Ood are awesome.) And we got to see more of the TARDIS yay! Although not much more but still. And ten's old room!

Next week's looks interesting.

Inspiration struck last night so fic was done. Might do something else soon.

Gah the BVB album bundle I wanted has gone. Second choice for me.

Just watched the last of Gaga's set on BBC3. She's pretty good ain't she? I never knew she could play piano. Props to her, she put on a pretty good show. I'm gonna catch the rest later (as long as it's on i-player) cause I missed the songs I like.

I watched MCR's performance later but it was a bit choppy so I mostly just listened. Nomnom Ray though.

Now I had a feeling there was something I was gonna put in this post, but my mind's gone blank. Curse ye Silence!
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