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It's High Tide Baby

It's High Tide Baby
Pairing: Matthew Davies/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matthew
Warnings: Shemale sex.
Notes: For antontobias86 hope yous likes

The beach was blissfully deserted, though since it was after midnight I'd have been more surprised if there was anyone here. "Come on." I growled at my companion, leading her towards the water's edge.

I glanced at her when I finally stopped, deciding the place I'd stopped at would do for our purposes. She was wearing a tight PVC outfit, with the front laced up, the laces straining to contain her large breasts. That was actually the reason why I made her wear it and why I'd gotten it for her in the first place. My dick twitched appreciatively at the sight beneath my owwn PVC dress.

"On your back bitch." I smirked, nodding to a place on the sand just above where the waves were spashing against the beach. She got down and laid back without arguement, parting her legs a little. "Slut." I chuckled, bending down and pushing he dress up a little so her cock was free. It was just as hard as mine, which was to be expected. She was almost always hard.

Satisfied she was ready, I climbed on top of her so we were in a 69 position, sliding my own dress up just a little. My cockhead rubbed against her lips, but she didn't part them right away, probably waiting for me to tell her to. "Don't just stare at my cock bitch, suck it!" I snarled, slapping her thigh as I spoke.

She did as she was ordered, opening her mouth and taking my cock between her lips like a good girl. I groaned, allowing myself to enjoy it for a few moments before returning the favor. I took her down my throat with practiced ease, sucking gently before pulling back so just the head was in my mouth. I took a breath through my nose, then did it again, feeling her do the same.

Not wanting her to have too much control, I started grinding my hips against her face. Taking the hint, she rested her head agaisnt the sand, just taking it as I thrust in and out of her mouth.

Smiling slightly arund her, I kept sucking for awhile longer, stopping when I felt the water start to lap at my hand. Knowing exaclty what I wanted to do, I slipped her from my mouth and stood. She whimpered, though if it was because of the loss of my lips or dick I was unsure. Regardless, I slapped both of her barely contained tits hard before giving my next order. "Onto your belly."

She rolled over, the movement making her heavy tits wiggle. As she did so I moved around her, licking my lips at the sight that she presented. I got between her legs, leaning down to lap along her crack. She let out a soft moan, which made me smirk as I moved to a crouching position, lining my aching cock with her opening. She was already open for me, so I filled her easily on the first thrust into her. I snaked my arms around her, my hands gripping onto her breasts and squeezing them.

I began to fuck her steadily, squeezing her breasts as I did so. She was moaning, bracing herself on the sand. The water had inched up now, making the sand wet beneath us so her hands were sinking into the sand. "Fuck, you feel so good bitch..." I groaned, slamming hard into her. She always did feel amazing, no matter how many times I fucked the blonde bitch.

I pulled out fully, looking down at her. "On your back again, legs in the air." She did as asked, rolling over, sand sticking to her hands and knees. She pulled her knees up to her chest, making it easy to thrust between her rounded cheeks again. I undid the laces holding her outfit together, then pushed it open, licking my lips as her tits fell out. My hands returned to her breasts, only this time instead of groping them, I slapped them instead. Each hit made her moan and each moan made me slam deep inside her.

"Can I... touch myself mistress?" I considered, thrusting into her while I did so. The water was getting higher now, lapping against the sides which were still covered in PVC.

"Alright." I replied, eventually. Her hand instantly darted between her legs, jerking her spit-slick dick quickly. "Slut." She smiled, clenching around my cock and letting out an exaggerated moan.

The water was higher now, splashing urgently against us every passing moment. The water was making her long blonde locks stick to her skin. Somehow the water made her look sexier. I smiled and slammed inside her, the water splooshing even more as I did so. She clenched around me again, making a groan leave my lips. I kept slamming into her, her own hand still gliding along her length rapidly. My hands were still on her tits, though they were back to squeezing and holding now, my ability to slap her dulled by how close I was. That and her jerking hand got in the way.

I let out a low growl when I finally did release inside her, the water surrounding us so much that it was starting to cover her chest. "Cum, cum for me you filthy little bitch." I muttered the words between pants as I slowed within her. She cried out, her hand moving so fast now it looked like a blur, each stroke making the water splash. When she did cum, mere seconds after I ordered her too, some of it landed on her tits but most landed in the water, the pale globs of fluid being washed away when the sea retreated. There was a joke about the reason the sea was salty in there somewhere, but at the moment my brain was too fuzzy to think of anything remotely witty.

Instead I stood up and offered the blonde my hand, helping her onto her feet when she took it. "Come on, let's get dried off before we freeze." Nodding in agreement, she followed me, her tits still hanging out but neither of us were bothered enough to sort them out. It wouldn't matter anyway, it was only a short walk home and it's not as if anyone would see us.

I smiled a little and dragged her back with me, keeping a tight hold of her hand as I did so.
Tags: fic, matthew davies, matthew davies/sean smith, sean smith, the blackout
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