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One within the house of the dead

Not done too much since the last post.

BVB bundles are finally for worldwide delivery and gah! I really really want one. I'm tempted to get it on Thursday but I know I'll likely not have enough... unless the bundle I want most goes off the site and I have to settle for the cheaper one.

The more I hear about Ocarina Of Time, the more I want I right now. Yes I have the game. Four times already. But OOT 3DS, it just looks so amazing. It looks so much better and prettier and has 3D. And yes, I will spend some of that time perving on Sheik. I have no shame and Sheik's hot.

I hope so bad that they make Majora's Mask 3D as well. Why? Because Majora's Mask is awesome! And argueably better than OOT

Ok Zelda rant over... for now.

I've wanted to write but zero inspiration has come to me. Like, I stare at the laptop and basicaly just... have no ideas. Maybe it's cause I've felt really tired for no reason. I dunno. We'll see.

I love the car advert with the little Vader! So awesome.

Today was eh cause the stupid parts are putting me on a stupid course I don't want to do, just as my actual course is due to start. Ugh. Idiots.

Tomorrow will be better cause of Doctor Who and Eurovision! With Blue we actually have a chance this year. Though Sweden's entry (cause I watched the second semi final) is pretty hot. Although I am disappointed with Europe for voting in Jedward. Seriously the song sounds awful and you can hear the back up singers more. Ugh.

So yeah expect rants tomorrow.

Hopefully inspiration comes to mind. Although I'm gonna watch the last Doctor Who Confidential now.
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