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The future's ours to take

Potentially long-winded update post ahoy!


We went and saw the ducks. Eeee baby ducks and geese and coots are all so cute and cuddy and just... adorable. I wanted to take them home.

We went up the town and got some more Doctor cards. I also got a Blue Nose toucan and a cute ickle unicorn with big eyes.

Then we saw the deer and this one (only one this time) kept eating the hoops from our hands. The little cute thing.


Friday was Mikey's art course, so I went with. Basically I spent the time on my ds a bit and reading The Force Unleashed. It seems the course went well though, which is good.

Then we went round town and I got a Torchwood book, some Star Wars cards and 3rd Rock From The Sun dvd boxset. Mikey also got me one of those new Doctor Who figure things (the lego like ones).


Doctor Who day! And, thankfully, I called mum and she informed me of a thing in the paper to get more of those who figures (for free) so we did it.

As to Who itself, well it was a pretty good ep. Not great. Of course this is done days late.

Bullet points on it:
*Eye patch hatch lady is back. Who is she? What is she? Why is she so cryptical?
*The boy was cute, glad he lived
*Is giving a group of pirates an alien spaceship exactly a good idea Doctor?
*Or letting on on the TARDIS?
*Stop trying to kill Rory! (although I approve of him topless)
*Amy, are you preganant or not?


Can't recall much about Sunday (my mind seems to have broke, d'oh!) All I recall is watching Family Guy and going out witht he dogs.


Monday was Bleach day! Lots and lots of Bleach. So many pretty pretty boys. Uyruu and Ichigo and Renji and just... nom. So doing it. I love Bleach. Must watch more!


Yesterday was the trip back. Boo. It was mostly spent sleeping and sweating cause it was just so hot. Ugh.

But I got here ok.

But I had a big oops over accidentally bringing saur's 3DS with me so I had to mail it back today. Damnit, I wanted to get Blue's single and free comic book day stuffs but...

Curse ye Black Veil Brides for having boxsets up. I really want it. I thought there wasn't another boxset for awhile but... ugh. I doubt the one I really want'll be up for very long. Bah. I wish it could be just preordered like a regular preorder. I also wish they'd sort the sight so I can find out how much shipping it.

There's been a lot of Ocarina stuff posted lately, which makes me super hyped for it. I hope we'll get some special stuff with it. Hence why I'm holding off on ordering it.

I wanna write but dunno what yet.

That's it really. Gonna catch up on Glee later, then watch Desperate Housewives and... whatever else it is I do.
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