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Stabbin Cabin

Stabbin Cabin
Pairing: Andy Six/Ashley Purdy
Rating: NC-17
POV: Andy
Warnings: Dub-con
Notes: So the idea for this basically came from the Kerrang two weeks back now. In it Ashley calls his bunk the 'Stabbin Cabin' which is named so cause that's where he fucks. Hence, inspiration struck (but I did Killjoys first) so here it is.

I watched as Ashley's latest conquest left the bus, rolling my eyes after she went past me. She looked like most of them did: a big-titted slut. His choice of women always seemed questionable to me. At least tomorrow we'd be on the road so we wouldn't have to deal with another of his whores. Then I could make my move.


The next night I pulled open the curtain to his bunk, while the others were in the front getting drunk. Ashley turned a little to face me, a smile crossing his lips. "Hey Andy."

"Shut up." I looked him over, smirking a little at the sight. He was already naked, which would speed this along. I licked my lips, reaching down to undo my skinny jeans, sliding them down my legs. He looked at me, confusion clear in his eyes but he kept quiet. Once they were pooled arund my ankles I stepped out of them. Naked from the waist down, I climbed into his bunk, pinning him down as I pulled the curtain closed behind me.

"Andy what the..."

"Shut up Ashley." I growled, grinding a little against him. "You bring so many whores back here. Too many." I ran my hands up his back, gripping his hair. "So I'm gonna make you into a slut so you know what it's like."

"The..." I pushed his face hard into the pillow to muffle his voice, using my other hand to feel for something. Ah ha! I smirked, pulling out the bottle of lube. It was half empty, probably scented, but it'd do. I released his hair long enough to squeeze some onto my fingers, before returning the bottle to it's place down the side of the bed. I shifted a little, sinking my fingers into his cleft, seeking his opening. I smiled, finding it with ease. He wasn't my first. He hissed a little at the intrusion, but not as much as I'd expected. Even so, I pushed his face into the pillow just to make him keep quiet.

I twisted my fingers, opening him up. I glanced down at my moving digits, my dick twitching eagerly between my legs. When I couldn't take anymore I pulled them out, yanking his head back with my other hand and wiping my lubed fingers over his face. "Now, to be sure you keep quiet..." I stuffed a pair of panties into his mouth, then pressed into him. "How's it feel being the slut huh?" I whispered, leaning down over him so my chest was pressed against his back. I began to move steadily, scratching at his side. "You're not going to be bringing any more whores on this bus."

He nodded a little, not fighting me, just gripping the sheets and taking it like his previous bitches had. It made me wish I'd gotten his secret camera on so I could watch this later. I kept thrusting my hips, burying my cock deep inside him. He felt fucking amazing around my cock, much better then expected. I considered reaching under him for his member, but I decided against that. This was supposed to be about teaching him a lesson, not giving him pleasure. So instead I gripped onto his arm and held his hair tighter.

I couldn't fuck him as hard as I wanted because of the small space. Honestly, I'd no idea how he managed to bang anyone here, let alone the near constant stream he seemed to have. I kept fucking him anyway, jerking my hips and keeping my head low so I didn't hit it against the top of the bunk. With practice I was sure I could give him the banging he deserved.

Behind the makeshift gag I heard him make noise, something like the moans I'd heard him make before. Slut. I growled against his neck, grazing my teeth over his skin. "Hush bitch." I bit back a moan of my own, slamming into him.

Outside I could hear the others, oblivious to us. The music was still pretty loud so all I could hear was whatever drunk noises they made. I knew they wouldn't come anywhere near the bunks that was why I chose now to be balls deep inside him.

I growled low in my throat, turning my moans into growls. My attention was on him solely as I pounded into him, my hips snapping quickly against his cheeks. He just felt so fucking good. I growled again, this time the sound caused by his insides squeezing around me, which felt like it was done purposely by him. "Slut." He did it again, a groan finally escaping my lips. I pulled his head back again, harder this time so my lips were beside his ear. "You're a dirty filthy slut." I growled, slamming hard. "No better than those bimbos." I felt him nod a little, smirking at his reaction.

"Here's what's goig to happen." I trace his ear with my tongue, thrusting deep into him at the same time. "I'm going to cum up you, then you are going to clean my dick with your mouth and I'm goig to leave you. I don't care if you jack off when I go or not but you don't do it before clear?" He nodded and I bit his neck lightly, slamming myself into him twice more. That was all I needed.

I felt myself cum in him, digging my nails into his arm and hair as I released into him. "Fuck..." I took a deep breath and moved around so I could sit on the bed, my legs swinging out under the curtain. Now that I'd let go of him, he moved around, spitting out the panties so he could lick my cock clean. To be honest I was surprised by how easy it all was, not that I minded much. His tongue swiped over my sensitive, softening member, but he stopped short of taking it into his mouth. "Good bitch..."

Once I was satisfied, I pushed him off me, ready to get out. "You leearned your lesson slut?"

"Yeah. No more sluts on the bus." He shifted back so he was lying again, his cock angling towards his outlaw tattoo. "The stabbin cabin's closed for buisness."

"Perhaps." I gave him a smirk, saying no more as I left him alone, catching the sound of him jerking off as soon as I was out of sight.
Tags: andy six, andy six/ashley purdy, ashley purdy, black veil brides, fic, slash
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