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You should kill us all on sight

So first a ramble about Who last night.

In the end last night's episode, basically, left us with more questions then answers.

First the Silence. Well, they've been around for thousands of years lurking in the shadows but they've not exactly done anthing wrong. Yes one of them killed a woman. Yes the kidnapped Amy and yes, they imprisoned the girl in the suit (for unknown reasons). But on the sliding scale of evil, all that is hardly anything. Plus there's also the thing that it might've been only a small group of them involved in all that.

Which leads to the Doctor's solution: commit genocide. This isn't something the Doctor usually condones (even with the Daleks) so why do it so easier for a race that (let's face it) haven't exactly done anything near worthy of that?

Well first he'd usually reason with someone before using the violence. However with the Silence's abilities it's likely that he at least tried (or assumes he did) and just can't remember. Second, there's the percieved threat of them. Think about it, all last series he's warned of them. They have control over the entire human race and are able to do whatever they want. He's not exactly a person that let's someone have that kind of power.

Regardless, it dioesn't exactly work. There's stil a member of the Silence in 2 and it's not unfeasable that they'd just hide. The world's a big place and there's more then enough remote places (plus those tunnels) where they could escape to. The problem is if they weren't evil before, they certainly will be now.

Next is the girl herself. Who is she? What is she? Why and how do the Silence have her? I don't know, but I suspect we'll find out.

Random things I love:
*Rory being cute
*Canton wanting to marry a black man (I hope he comes back)
*The Doctor in chains (albeit with an awful beard)
*The doctor recalling the Timeship from The Loder, woo!

Other non-Who things now.

Saur is doing the race for life thing. So if you wanna sponser (it's for charity, specifically cancer research) here's a link.

Mum actually said nice thins about me on Friday, which scares me ust a it. I'm wondering if she's a Sontaran clone.

Her answer to opening the door (which refused to open, perhaps cause the lock was busted) was to kick it.

I'm heading off on Tuesday to Panic! and I'm cursing them for doing a signing the day after the gig. It just makes no sense!

Gonna go on Pokemon later. Hopefully I beat the next gym on White which should be easy.

Killjoys stuff is done now. I'm gonna return to regular porn stuffs now. I hope to have one done tonight/tomorrow, depending on if my brain works ideas wise.

Onward now, to write and go on Pokemon.
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